Today, the world mainly consists of a concrete jungle, meaning you can no longer find dense forests and colossal tree canopies to grow your cannabis. Fortunately, you can still grow vegetation thanks to hydroponics that promote the healthy growth of plants indoors. If you’re a cannabis-growing enthusiast, this is excellent news. With that said, one challenge that stands in your way is the lack of sunlight that plants need to grow and survive.

To learn more about the best tips and tricks on growing your cannabis, you can visit websites such as You can also read within these references that one of the most effective tools people use is hydroponic lights. Listed below are reasons you need to install hydroponic lights in boosting cannabis growth.

  1. Faster Harvest Cycle

For plants to grow, they need sunlight. However, the sun usually sets at specific times, meaning, their growth is minimized for several hours each day. But if you install hydroponic lights, the plants will have a good supply of light even after sunset. As a result, the plants will be growing during the day and at night, thereby allowing you to maximize the rate of growth. This eventually leads to a faster harvest of cannabis buds.

The faster harvesting cycle also means you can make multiple harvests in a single season. As a result, the production yield increases, which also translates to greater profits. All this is thanks to hydroponic lights.

  1. They’re Controllable

You should also consider using hydroponic LED lights because it allows you to control several aspects of growing cannabis. These include;

  • Stage growth: Some hydroponic LED lights come with built-in switches that enable you to change the color spectrum being produced depending on your cannabis plant’s needs.
  • Temperature: Hydroponic LED lights, unlike HID (high-intensity discharge) light bulbs, don’t generate a lot of heat. This means that the temperature inside the grow room isn’t significantly affected and it also doesn’t affect the plant’s growth adversely through overexposure to heat.
  • Spectrum: The hydroponic lights enable you to adjust the spectrum that’s best for optimum plant absorption. These lights are available in various colors—white, blue and red. You can switch between these colors depending on the needs and growth stage of your cannabis plant.
  1. Prolonged Life Span

Buying all kinds of lights for your cannabis plant is impractical and costly. This won’t be a concern if you opt for hydroponic LED lights, which on average, can last for more than 50,000 hours. These bulbs boast a longer lifespan due to their lower operating temperature, leading to slower wear and tear, unlike traditional lighting systems. Also, LED lighting doesn’t incorporate any moving components, which further increases its longevity.

Therefore, you get to cut down on the amount of money spent on growing cannabis with hydroponic LED lights.

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  1. Healthier Plants

The heat, infrared, and ultraviolet rays that come directly from sunlight, alongside other sources of light, could be excessive and harmful for your plants. Likewise, conventional lighting isn’t that effective as it sometimes causes the cannabis plant to burn or dry up. The best option is to install hydroponic LED lights. These lights allow your plants to have the right water content to prevent drying. You can also adjust the heat produced by these LED fixtures.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

The best part about indoor cannabis growing is that it’s environmentally friendly, especially when the plants are nurtured with hydroponic lights. This means that even with the quickly growing demand and expansion of the cannabis industry, environmental sustainability isn’t overlooked. Hydroponic LED lights promote an environmentally friendly society by being energy-efficient as compared to standard lighting. Even with improved energy efficiency, however, the quality and brightness of the lights are not compromised.

Hydroponic LED lights also don’t contain any mercury, which has a dire effect on the environment. In addition, they help you create a highly controlled environment for the plants, thereby reducing the need for chemical treatment and pesticides.

  1. Easy To Install

Growing cannabis includes a lot of factors, and you wouldn’t want to add problematic lighting installation to your already lengthy list of considerations. This is what you can achieve when you opt for hydroponic lights, as they’re straightforward to install. All you have to do during the installation is to plug these lights in the growing room. Because they don’t produce a lot of heat, you don’t have to be concerned about the risk of overheating when they’re cramped in a small room.

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  1. Targeted Wavelength

Photosynthesis is essential for the growth of your cannabis plant. To allow your plants to undergo this crucial process indoors, you need to observe the correct light wavelength. You can attain this goal using your hydroponic LED lights to control and regulate the wavelength. As a result, you never have to worry about your plants getting enough light necessary to initiate photosynthesis.

Using conventional lights won’t help with your plants’ growth as they usually produce green and yellow wavelengths. This wavelength in excess can lead to the weakening or yellowing of plants. Nonetheless, hydroponic lights ensure that your cannabis plant gets the required light spectrum without wasting too much energy.

  1. Full Spectrum Lighting

Outdoor plants get a broad range of light wavelengths from the sun. These different light wavelengths have varied effects on the growth of the cannabis plant. This is due to the fact that each of the wavelengths is needed at a specific stage during the plant’s growth. The use of hydroponic lights ensures that your cannabis plant never misses any of the wavelengths necessary to ensure its continued growth. Thanks to this full-spectrum lighting, the cannabis plant will grow as desired and yield greater produce.


While indoor farming of cannabis is becoming a lot more common, it’s still essential for this plant to get much-needed lighting to support its growth. Hydroponic lights help ensure your cannabis plants receive adequate nutrients and lighting without sacrificing quality. Thus, if you’re planning to create a grow room for your cannabis, you may try using hydroponic lights and see the results for yourself.