A visit to Spain promises many tempting prospects: an excellent climate, many resorts and beaches, simple but very tasty food, tart and rich wines. Everything here is bright and loud, expressive. The street is filled with aromas, tastes, and sounds.

At the same time, local exoticism does not result in excesses, as is often the case, for example, in the Middle East or Africa. Spain is a country with a long history and cultural traditions that respect the personal rights and freedom of every person, including marijuana lovers.

Legal Cannabis Trade in Spain

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The entire system of legal cannabis use is built on “closed” clubs. They are called Cannabis Social Clubs. Their secrecy is very conditional since, in principle, no conditions limit membership.

You need to submit an application, fill out a form, and get a recommendation from one of the club’s current members. Considering that the largest has more than 100,000 people, finding such a guarantor via the Internet and getting a recommendation will not be difficult.

If you come there in person, someone present will probably confirm that you are a good person worthy of becoming another member of this wonderful community.

The clubs themselves are primarily interested in increasing the number of their members. There can be as much legal marijuana here as all registered users use, so when you fill out the form, you will probably be advised not to be modest and to expose yourself to the fullest. The number of plants the club grows also directly depends on the number of club members.

Each club member can purchase up to two grams per visit and up to 15 grams monthly. Smoking is allowed only within the club’s walls, but you can be sure that no one will search you (or even ask questions) on your way out.

Price 6–15 euros/gram. For example, the club may have a minibar, a library, and a TV to watch football. Membership fee is 20–30 euros. There are around 600 such clubs in Spain, 400 of which are in Barcelona.

Cannabis in Barcelona

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Is weed legal in Barcelona? Barcelona is the second most populous city in the country (the first place is Madrid, the capital of Spain).

Barcelona is also the administrative center of the province of Catalonia, which has a certain autonomy in establishing local laws and regulations. Like Amsterdam in the Netherlands, in Spain, Barcelona is a center of cannabis culture, business, and tourism.

The city is located in the Costa Brava resort region, popular among Eastern European tourists, so if you are planning to combine a beach holiday and visiting local clubs, you should focus on the Catalan coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Marijuana and the Law in Spain

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The main feature of Spain’s cannabis laws is their uncertainty. It is assumed that an individual can grow or possess the amount of cannabis necessary for personal use, but this amount is not clearly defined.

According to various sources, you can have 30–60 grams of marijuana on you. Smoking in public places is prohibited (acceptable ranges from 600 to 30,000 euros), but judging by the smell in the streets, alleys, and open-air cafes, the severity of this ban is compensated by the optionality of its implementation and the loyal attitude of the local public.

It is even more difficult for growers. Given the general opinion that two plants per family member can be grown, a government official may consider, for example, a vast three-meter Sativa bush unnecessary.

On the contrary, a dozen clones grown using the SoG method would be viewed as entirely appropriate. It is separately stipulated that cultivated plants should not be visible from the street, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to set up a plantation on a balcony or windowsill.

The fine is the same as for consumption in public places. The obligatory nature of its execution is similar.

There are 1,100 grow shops at home for home growers, where you can purchase everything you need, from seeds and soil mixture to harvesting, drying, and storing the crop.

Answers to Frequently Questions about Cannabis in Spain

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Here is the list of most common questions about cannabis consumption in Spain:

  • Am I allowed to smoke cannabis at home? – Yes. The law permits personal consumption.
  • Can I smoke it outdoors? – No. The law prohibits smoking marijuana on any public road; violation will result in a fine.
  • Can I smoke in specialized clubs? – Yes. By law, such establishments are licensed and controlled by the state. Clubs are subject to specific rules and restrictions that they must comply with.
  • Is the therapeutic use legal, for example, for pain relief? – Not yet, but they will probably allow it soon. The Congressional Health Commission has already approved such use, and the government has six months to implement the new rules.
  • Is it possible to grow cannabis in a private garden or indoors at home? – No. Cannabis cannot be produced in Spain, even for personal consumption. Moreover, the law does not distinguish between the exterior and interior. However, there is a certain legal vacuum here because, essentially, no one can control you inside your home. But if for some reason you are caught, you may be fined.
  • Can I store cannabis at home for my consumption? – Yes, but in small quantities. The law does not specify an exact figure, but the National Institute of Toxicology has determined that personal intake can be no more than 100 grams.
  • Is it possible to carry marijuana on the street? – No. Possession of cannabis or other illegal drugs on public roads is prohibited and punishable.

However, it should be noted that the police and society turn a blind eye to weed smokers. You walk along the crowded streets of Granada, and you hear the characteristic smell of hemp smoke everywhere!


Despite the uncertain status of cannabis and its derivatives in Spain, you can safely consume it in specialized establishments. Remember that in any country, you must follow the law, so don’t try to get a joint on the black market, even if it seems tempting.