If you have a pipe or bong, from time to time you must clean them properly, so you can have a better experience next time using pipe or bong. Like every device, you must clean it because dirty pieces of the plant remain inside.

Glass or wood pieces

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If you have glass or wood pipe it is not the best option to boil them because you will damage glass or wood on it. Just do not do that, there are better options. The best option for cleaning glass and wood pipes are shaking and soaking. Even you can buy different soaking liquids for this job.

As suggested by everything for 420, you can clean your pipe or glass bong in the huge bowl, plastic box, Ziploc bag, or in a large container

Many soaking liquids are recommended for this job of cleaning, and some of them are rubbing alcohol, vodka, Formula 420, white vinegar, a mix of water and Epsom salt, and others.

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In the article down below, we will explain how to clean your pipe or bong with the rubbing alcohol and warm water.

First of all, you must fill the box, container or bowl with the rubbing alcohol and warm water 50:50. The next step is to add a large spoon of kosher salt, close the container, and start to shake. After a good shake just let it sit for an hour, and if there is still dirty in the pipe just use a pipe cleaner to wheedle the dirt out.

If you use a bowl instead of a container, we recommend you to use baking soda and vinegar for better cleaning, or whatever liquid that fizz. Part of your pipe or bong put in the bowl and covered with warm water, if you want to use baking soda, before the pouring the warm water, cover the pipe or bong entirely with the baking soda. After that pour white vinegar, and you will see the volcano effect and you will effectively clean your pipe. After the 10 minutes, you can pour the warm water over the pipe.

Glass or acrylic bongs

The methodology is quite the same as when you are cleaning glass or wood pipes, there are only a few distinctions when it comes to cleaning glass or acrylic bongs. First of all, you must detach part of the bongs and clean them separately, you can not clean it without taking apart parts. The process of cleaning is pretty much the same as for the glass or wood pipes. The process of cleaning goes like this- agent, shake and rinse.

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You need to spill out the old water from the bong and rinse the chamber with the new water. The water you must pour from the top to the bottom, and with the slide, opening dump it and on that way protect the mouthpiece from the dirty. For the taller bongs, you will need a measuring cup for doing this, and for the shorter ones, you will need just the faucet. Do not use hot water you will damage the glass of the bong.

The hardest thing for you will be to find big enough container to put in their bong for cleaning to soak in baking soda and vinegar, or Formula 420. You can use one good, old trick, clean the bong with the narrow bottle brush. The process goes like this soak, rinse, and dry.


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Before we go to the cleaning, you must know that not all vaporizers are made of the quality materials, and you must read instructions from the manufacturer how to clean your model. The all producers tell the same, you must clean vape regularly, but it depends on how often you use it.

The mouthpiece you should clean the most, and you can do it with the alcohol swabs. A box of 200 swabs costs only $4. If you have a tool for cleaning a vape go ahead and use that, but if you do not have just use Q-Tip or regular pipe cleaner. To not use sharp objects for cleaning because you will damage the vape, and do not use rubbing alcohol on the interior.

Metal or ceramic pieces

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If you have metal or ceramic pieces on your pipe, bong or vape just boil it. When it cools down the pieces put on the paper towel and gently knock out the remaining dirt and is good to be used again.