If you ever thought to vape your marijuana instead of smoking it, then a vape pen and juice is the best option. Vape juice is a combination of water, alcohol, nicotine, and optionally, some other ingredient like glycerin. THC Vape Juice is similar to ordinary vapes but contains THC in it. The types of THC concentrates are Liquid THC, CO2 extraction, and a Tincture. Besides that, you can also use cannabis oil.

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The strength of weed vape juice with THC is like smoking high-concentrated marijuana. It gives you the feeling of euphoria, hunger, and distortion of time. There are also some side effects if you use it too much because THC Vape Juice is with a high concentrate of THC, but very small CBD, CBN, or CBG. So, using too much of it can raise anxiety, and you could feel some paranoia. The legality of THC Vape Juice is the as it is for marijuana, so in some states it is legal.

If you ever wondered about making your own vape juice with THC, there are some ways to make it. You can cook it and then mix with alcohol. The combination of marijuana and alcohol should wait for about two months in a warm place, like room. Also, you will have to choose between two additives, Vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol.

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Vegetable glycerin comes from palm or coconut oil, the vape gets the taste of syrup with it. Propylene Glycol is similar but has no taste at all. Also, the difference between these two is that with Vegetable Glycerin there is a bigger vapor.

The best way for starting to vape the THC juice is to buy it from some store because the producer will tell you what dose to use. You should try different doses in order to feel what is best for you if you want to make your own. Also, a big advantage of a vape pen among the joints is that you don`t have to smoke all of it from once.