Bong VS Pipe Beginners Guide: What Should You Buy if You Are a New Smoker in 2024


This is the first question that came across to the new smokers, which is the better, bong or the pipe, and what should you buy at the beginning. In the article below you can read all about bongs and pipes if you are planning to start smoking cannabis.



Pipes are the fastest way for using cannabis, they are small and light for carrying, all you need to do is put a little piece in it and light it up. It is a perfect fit for every bag, handbag, or backpack. There are numerous benefits from pipes: it is not expensive, it is made from durable materials, you can take with yourself everywhere you go.

It is not a big investment, and even if you break it is not expensive damage, you can easily learn how to handle and protect new gadget. You will much easier replace a pipe than a bong. The most valuable feature when it comes to pipes is one-hitter, which is perfect for new smokers because they have a low tolerance level. The whole process imitated the smoking of cigarettes so everyone can get used to it, it is not hard to learn.

Higher quality pipes

If you want to give more money for the pipe, you can choose from various features, styles, and materials. This is a well-spent investment if you are going to smoke cannabis for a long time.
You can get a mini-bubblers which is a pipe with water filtration. It is recommended for travel because of its size, and you will get a bong-hit effect with the pipe.


Higher quality pipes always have state-of-the-art filtration, sealable tops, and built-in tool storage. The sealable tops are a very useful feature because they prevent spills, and when the pipe has built-in tool storage you will clean it very easy for just a few minutes.



The bongs are also called water pipes, and they are not so easy for transport in the bag or backpack as the pipe because they are bigger. The benefits from bongs are different than the pipes; they make smoke cooler and smoother on the lungs which are very important for new smokers. You should know that filtered hits are easier for your lungs. When it comes to the designs you can pick from various creative designs, but they are not as cheap as a pipe.

The bongs are much more expensive but you will get the new experience of smoking, much smoother and cooler. These things you can not get with the pipe. When the new smoker learns their limits it will enjoy in the bong more than in pipe because the smoking process is much simpler with a bong. It is important to find a perfect model for you; it is like buying a new pair of glasses, it must fit with your lifestyle.

Higher quality bongs

It is no secret that the chilled smoke is better than the cool smoke and that you can get if you buy a bong with an ice catcher. This is an especially good feature in the summer when the heat is every day. The more features of the higher quality bongs are a chiller coil, ice catcher, extra percolator; it also has universal joints and interchangeable pieces.


At the moment, the best buy is the silicone bong because it is unbreakable, foldable and portable. It has features like a pipe and it is not as expensive as a bong.

The conclusion is simple; which type of smoking gadget is better depends only on the customers and need of them. If you are looking for a simple piece just buy a pipe, but if you want to filtrate the smoke you should buy a bong. If you are a new smoker just think of what is your needs and how you imagine smoking, and you will step forward to buying a perfect piece for you. Check out some grinders from V Syndicate.