When it comes to using CBD oil tinctures, many people have their various dosage options out there, it may be hard for you to figure out exactly what you’re wanting to take. On top of that, you have the full spectrum oils, and broad-spectrum, which is a full-spectrum oil, just without the THC, and then you have the CBD isolates, which are more popular on the market. The downside is that sometimes the dosage you’re taking, even though almost every bottle says to take one dropper per day, is actually working for you, and you have to take more, which means taking more carrier oil into your body as well.

How You Should Dose with CBD

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It’s important to know how to properly dose with CBD, and the main problem when people experience any negative side effects, or they aren’t getting the relief that they’re wanting, is that they are either taking too much CBD at once from the get-go or not taking enough. That’s where the size of the dosage matters. In this, however, most CBD tinctures that are full and broad-spectrum have the amount of mg that of CBD that is in the bottle itself, and not the actual amount per dropper, with the recommended dose being a dropper per day.

At the same time, this also is something to look into when you’re shopping for CBD products because you can also evaluate the integrity of the product that you’re getting with the price. You want to have a more potent dose per dropper, and be leery of those which are the same price as other 30ml bottles that state to take 3-4 droppers per day, because then you’re paying the same price for less actual doses of CBD than you could get with a higher concentrated product.

You also want to generally take about 1-5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of your body’s weight and you still need to consider things like fat and body mass into account (the higher dosage is for people with a higher BMI) to get the same effects as someone with less BMI at the same body weight.

Why You Should Consider 1000mg

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The product that we’ve found, which we’ll mention later on is a 1000mg broad-spectrum CBD oil, and the recommended dose is one dropper per day. When you do the math, 1000mg per 30ml, first you want to divide that by 30 (1ml is the average dropper size), and you’re getting approximately 33mg per dose. This is a strong enough dose, that for the average person, you can get the maximum health benefits of CBD without having to consume more, and cause yourself any negative side effects.


The NanocraftCBD claims that 1000mg CBD oil is a broad-spectrum oil which has many other cannabinoids, without having the THC that is in other products, because it is completely derived from hemp. This product promotes the scientifically known “entourage effect”, and it uses MCT oil and mint extract oil to provide natural flavoring and give you a great tasting alternative to plain old CBD oil.