There are many ways people like to consume marijuana. Some smoke it on various devices, some smoke it the basic way, and others love to eat brownies with it. But today we are going to talk about the two regular and old school ways of smoking it. Bongs and joints, which one is better. Different people have different opinions, and all of them have their reasons why their option is better, but we are going to try to be objective and decide what way of smoking it is better, we are going to write all of the pros and cons.
So let the games begin, Bong VS. Joint.

The Joints


We are going to start with the pros. If you want to smoke a joint you will only need a piece of paper, which is very cheap. And you can do this even on the go, so the consumption is easier. The average THC transfer rate for a joint is around 20-26%.

You can choose if you want to roll a small joint or a few small ones, or you want to roll a big one. And it’s the cleaner version because once you finish a joint it leaves no trace, and with the bong, it’s totally different. Because of it only for one use, you can not break it, and you don’t need to clean it. You only light it once, or maybe twice. If you want to hide it, you can hide it easier than a bong. It looks like a rolled cigarette, so that’s also a plus. And once you leave your room or home, you don’t need to think if anyone is going to find it.

But like with everything there are also some cons, and now we are going to discuss them. The first one is that you definitely need the skill to roll a joint, and if you don’t know how to do that, you will roll it the wrong way, and you will lose your precious marijuana because it will probably burn uneven. It’s not good for your health, especially if you add tobacco to your joint. It can be a waste of your marijuana even if you roll your joint perfect because it always burning. You can burn yourself and your clothes. And sometimes it can be a bit unpleasant to inhale it.

The Bongs


Just like with the joints, we are first going to start with the pros. The best thing about bongs is that they filter out every large particle, toxins, ash, and tar. And if you were smoking a joint you would inhale these things. The average THC transfer rate for bongs is 40.4%. You don’t add anything to your marijuana, and you are smoking only cannabis. It can be more pleasant than smoking joints because the waster chamber is cooling the smoke.

But what about the cons. First of all, it is totally impractical to transport and you can’t use it on the go. You can also easily break it. You need to clean it frequently and to change the water because if the water is dirty it can affect the taste. It can be pricy too, you need to spend a good amount of money on something that you can easily break. And the last thing is that sometimes it can be difficult to use if we take into consideration that you will be stoned when using it.

What’s better?

Maybe you want to know which way is better to get high, and how can you get higher. There are not a lot of studies done on smoking marijuana, and the ones that exist are very old.

But what we can say to you is that around of 60-80% of THC gets lost, it disappears in into the slipstream smoke, pyrolysis, and adhesion to the pipe stem and bowl. Something that we already mentioned is that the THC transfer rate for a joint is 20-26%, and for the bongs is 40%. And that means that if you smoke a .5 gram joint, it equal to a .25 gram bowl if you want to intake the same amount of THC.


And in the end, what’s better. It’s what you choose. Because you are smoking marijuana to get high, everyone is. And you will get high from both ways. The decision should be totally individual. Enjoy your smoking!