Cannabis has become so widespread that it is present in every corner of the world. With the available consumption comes the problems of overusing it. Namely, it has happened to a large number of people that they are too high. So, what would be the levels of determining how high a person is? You can learn more here.

1. Slight high


The first and easiest level is when you take one hit or eventually two. It is certainly not enough to get a person high, but it is an excellent way to relax oneself and to have a feeling energy outburst.

2. Somewhat high


This level is yet again when you still have your serenity preserved and you are not nigh over the Moon. The difference in this level is the fact that a person has undoubtedly smoked cannabis, and there is also a feeling that some more smoking of weed can be done, as well.

3. Lifted


This happens when a person takes enough when to get the kind of feeling of elevation. This elevation is not only felt in one’s relaxation of muscles and the entire body but the relaxation of the mind as well. There is also a feeling of euphoria. However, this does not mean that a person is out of his/her mind, but a just high enough.

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4. Pretty high


This means that the weed has taken the toll of one’s serenity. On the other hand, this does not mean that a person cannot function. Quite the contrary, a person is high and he/she starts to have some random things on his/her mind. Now comes the feeling when a person seems to drift apart into thinking and feelings of relaxation. However, you can still normally function at this level.

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5. Really high


Everyone knows when this moment arrives since it is noticeable. First of all, it seems that a body buzzes in a more profound way, and every person has problems and difficulties in keeping the thoughts straight. If you need to do or finish something at that moment, the chances are that you will not succeed in this. Similarly, avoid talking to people who are not high when you are this high since they would figure out that you are high. The notion of hunger is not amplified and you feel the constant craving for food. So, unless you have some obligations, there is nothing wrong with this.

6. Stoned


You know that you are stoned when you feel that your eyelids are becoming more substantial and that you need to lie down. If this happens for the first time, then you may feel a bit uncomfortable, but it is all fine.

The most important thing now is to get relaxed and sit down for a while. If you cannot think straight and it feels as if you are zoning out you may be able to use CBD to mellow the effects of THC, according to Remedy Review.

7. Baked


This is the moment when all of your senses are so increased and amplified that you feel that your perception is out of control. There is nothing you can do at this point, even if you wanted to, but the best thing and advice now is to lie down and relax for a couple of hours. Also, do not forget to have regular food intake at this point.

8. Blazed


This is the moment when people can experience the feeling of being out of one’s mind. This is all now at the psychedelic level and it seems as if there is nothing natural or straight a person can do. It can also happen that people can see things that are not present or that people hear some sounds of things that do not have any grounds in reality. You should also have the experience to get to this level.

9. Losing the reality


This is the point when everything may start to seem connected and people may even to start thinking that they know how the universe functions. The intricacies of life and the existence itself are questioned at this level.

10. The highest possible


This is a place no one should be since it is like taking some psychedelic pills and a person can have the same feeling as if he/she had overdosed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does THC affect you?

THC generally affects your perception of reality, and this effect makes you more compassionate. While influenced by THC, you also become less anxious, depressive, stressed, and paranoid.

2. How does being high feel like?

Once high, your mind becomes more focused, and you begin to think about things you generally would not. You often find yourself thinking about something that happened months or even years ago. While high, your thoughts typically do not relate much to something that you do presently.

3. How do I know I am high?

Since it takes seconds for THC to reach your bloodstream after you ingest it, you will quickly start feeling the sensations that come with being high. Some of the most common signs that you are high are increased redness of your eyes, cottonmouth, increased heart rate, and sweating.

4. How does marijuana make you feel on an emotional level?

The effect of marijuana is different for different people when it comes to emotional response. Some people feel happy and relaxed, while others become anxious, frightened, and sometimes even paranoid. In some situations, people may experience confusion or difficulty focusing as well.

5. Can marijuana help depressive people?

There are a lot of divisions regarding this topic in scientific circles. For example, in 2018, researchers at the University of Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions found that smoking marijuana can reduce self-reported levels of depression in the short term.

However, researchers also found that repeated use did not provide any long-term reduction of depression symptoms, and in some people, it may actually increase them over time.

6. Can different cannabis types cause different highs?

Absolutely. Cannabis comes in different varieties of the same plant. There are three basic types: Sativa, Indica, and hybrids. Each type causes different highs and different effects.

7. What does the term “munchies” refer to?

This term refers to the effect of marijuana that causes increased appetite. It may cause an increase in ghrelin, a hunger hormone. Cannabis also increases the senses of smell and taste, which causes you to enjoy your food more.

8. How do I stop being high?

There are numerous ways of getting out of being high. You can relax, drink some refreshing beverage, eat black pepper, make lemonade, or straight up eat a lemon. You can also shift your focus and talk to a friend and engage in conversation that will keep your mind on a certain topic.

9. How long do you stay high?

This is something that entirely depends on how much you used and what type of cannabis you used. The method and consumption amount are the biggest determinants of this aspect. You can stay high on weed for as little as an hour to 24 hours, depending on the method and type you used.

10. How is getting high through eating edibles different from other methods?

Eating cannabis provides a different high than the smoking method does. This is due to the fact that THC is delivered into the system over a longer period; therefore, the effect is less powerful, but it lasts longer.