Don’t feel bad if you truly don’t know the difference between Sativa and Indica. Many people don’t and they just go along with the flow, but you truly can benefit by knowing the differences. 

Are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa really different? Yes. They are very different and we’re going to explain it so that it’s easy to understand and to remember. Visit Other Remedies for even more information. 


How to Understand the Differences Between Sativa and Indica Cannabis


The first thing that you need to learn is what each name refers to in the cannabis world

  • Sativa – Cerebral high
  • Indica – Body high

When you choose a Sativa strain, you’ll have a dramatic impact on the elevation of your mood, the ability to focus and be creative, slow your racing thoughts down, and be more still. This is especially beneficial to those with ADHD and bipolar disorder. 

It is considered a more energetic high and it might leave those with anxiety feeling a bit overly focused and be counterintuitive for their condition. 

An Indica strain is more apt to have less impact on the head and be more of a body relieving choice. This is ideal for those suffering from aches and pains from injury or chronic conditions

Hybrids of both Sativa and Indica


More popular now than strains that are totally one or the other are hybrids that combine the best of both strains. This will be labeled as either Indica or Sativa hybrids, however. The reason for the labeling is more for the growers than for the users. 

What it means is that the plant is more than 50% of the strain it carries in the name. It may only be slightly more than 50% though. 

For the user, it means that you can have thousands of choices in flavor and aroma, as well as the type of high you’re going to be able to feel.

 If you don’t like the head high but really need relief from pain, you’ll choose a strain that is higher on the Indica mix in the flavor you like the most. 

This can seem overly complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Speak to a cannabis doctor that specializes in prescribing medical marijuana

They’ll actually be an excellent source of information to help guide you to the types of cannabis that are best-suited to your particular needs. 

From that point, you’ll talk to your dispensary about the choices that fall within this recommendation from your doctor. 

This will give you some choices as to the flavor and the specific benefits of particular strains that all have their own names. 

They will all smell slightly different and have a different taste. This allows for as many choices as there are types of people. 

Mixing Indica and Sativa Strains


It’s like mixing relaxation with exhilaration. When you can be relaxed, yet produce a ton of work, you are experiencing the zone that can be created with the right mix of strains. 

Each strain contains its own unique combination of cannabinoid compounds and terpene profiles that make it as unique as you are. 

This means that when you try one and don’t quite like the way it makes you feel, it’s important to note what you don’t like specifically and discuss this with your doctor and/or your dispensary staff. 

They can help you move in a direction that will be less of what you don’t like and more of what you do like until you find the right blend for you. 

Often, people give up too soon and simply feel that cannabis didn’t work for them or they didn’t like the feeling that it gave them. 

It’s important to understand that it’s like choosing a meal. If you don’t like chicken, you can always try the beef. Choosing the right cannabis for you can be a lengthy process but it is very worth the effort. You might try 20 different types of blends until you find the right one. 

When you do find the right blend, you’ll achieve the results of relief and relaxation at the same time, without being completely unable to function in your life. 

Enjoying your life and being present for your loved ones is as important as relieving your pain or your anxiety. It’s possible. Don’t give up.