Uruguay was the first largest country in the world to legalize weed. It was then followed by Canada, which became the second-largest country to legalize weed. Even though medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001, the prime minister did his best to finalize the legalization movement.

Besides these two countries, there are also other countries around the globe where marijuana is legal, whether for medicinal and recreational uses.

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Here are all the nations around the world where you can legally get high.

The United States

Currently, weed is legal in 46 US states, but the majority of them allow it only for medicinal use. Hence, using marijuana for recreational use is allowed only in Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, Washington state, California, Oregon, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and Washington DC.

The first country to legalize marijuana was Vermont and Oklahoma immediately followed it. Donald Trump supports the legalization movement. America’s legal marijuana market is estimated to be worth about $8 billion and it’s expected to be valued about $25 billion by 2025.

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Thanks to the Cannabis Act, marijuana is legal for sale and consumption, even for recreational purpose. The regulations differ across the provinces and territories of Canada. Thus, people can only get weed online through the government-run Ontario Cannabis Store in Ontario. On the other hand, only licensed private retail stores are allowed to sell marijuana in Saskatchewan.

Additionally, Quebec allows smoking weed anywhere where tobacco is allowed. The Yukon territory allows cannabis consumption only in private residences and adjoining properties.

source: leafly.ca

Other Countries of the World Where Marijuana is Legal

Many countries in the world are accepting the recreational purpose of weed, but there are only a few places where it is completely legal. So, besides Uruguay, which was the first country to legalize marijuana in 2013 fully, there are other countries which allow weed in one way or the other.

Spain will enable citizens to grow and consume marijuana privately, but it’s against the law to sell it. Then, Peru allows personal, immediate, and private use, while medical marijuana is legalized and production, import, and sale of cannabis oil are permitted.

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The Netherlands technically allows marijuana, but selling it is illegal. The officials won’t punish the person or store who sell it, but the stores have to follow a specific set of rules. It is allowed only for citizens to buy marijuana, but the coffee shops seem to be an exception to the rule.

South Africa also legalized weed and people can use marijuana privately and grow it for personal use.