CannaBiDiol (CBD) is one of more than 100 elements that make up Cannabis Sativa L., a plant that man has cultivated for more than 3,000 years for its organoleptic and medicinal qualities.

Cannabidiol is part of cannabinoids, of the molecules naturally found in industrial hemp and cannabis, elements capable of interacting in different ways with the human nervous system and with our inner cannabinoid system (endocannabinoid system).

Typologies of Oils


The term ” CBD oil ” normally refers to an oily based product that contains extract of inflorescences (flowers), and eventually also leaves, from the Cannabis Sativa L plant, with very variable percentages of cannabidiol (from 3 % until reaching 24%).

From the plants, a highly concentrated extract of active ingredients is obtained, which is then diluted with hemp oil or olive oil to obtain CBD-rich hemp products with % variables depending on the purpose and use.

The plants from which the extracts are obtained are all part of the Cannabis family (Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis typologies) which in colloquial language are all grouped in the marijuana category.

It is useful to distinguish industrial hemp plants (plants that are cultivated for their high productivity from various materials: cellulose, fiber, flocculates, seeds, extracts that naturally contain high % of CBD and low THC) from marijuana plants. (plants that naturally contain high% THC and low CBD instead).

It is obtained from industrial hemp plants, which by law cannot contain more than 0.2% of psychoactive substances (THC molecule) in finished products. Cool Things Chicago offers you a detailed review of the best CBD oils money can buy today.

Functions and what is it for?


To get a fairly general idea of ​​the uses of CBD it can be said that it acts as:

-Anti-inflammatory (general; it is also effective in treating autoimmune pathologies)

-Anti-nausea (used to limit the side effects of chemotherapy)

-Painkiller (Pain Relief, General)

-Anticonvulsant (reduces epileptic seizures)

-Reduces anxiety symptoms (acts as an anxiolytic)

-Antipsychotic (reduces hallucinatory symptoms of schizophrenia)

-Reduces the damage caused by diabetes

The antitumor capabilities of this important molecule, whose studies are still preclinical, are also of great interest. These studies have started to see that CBD molecules attack cancer molecules (and only those) attacking them at various levels: they prevent the creation of new blood vessels in the tumor (anti-angiogenic function), they prevent the creation and migration of new cells (anti-myogenic, anti-proliferative and anti-metastatic function) and promote apoptosis, that is, they seem to induce death in the cancer-causing molecules, that is, a kind of “pre-programmed suicide” with the action of CBD.

From this small scheme, all possible ancillary potentials of current therapies and new uses in still unexplored areas can be intuited both at the level of real pathologies and at the level of dermatological-cosmetic application.

As the latest research suggests, CBD oil also has many cosmetic benefits. You can treat skin and hair. It reduces sebum production due to its anti-inflammatory effects. It helps with acne problems as well as skin aging. So it is an increasingly popular anti-aging product. Also, due to all its properties, it is good for problems with eczema and psoriasis.

Buying guide


Since the free world decided to open its eyes to the benefits, there are many places where you can buy and sell products that contain this concentrate. Countries like Uruguay, the Netherlands, and the United States already recognize cannabidiol as a medicine, although it is not necessary to travel there to get where to buy it.

Ways to buy it?


Since the product is legalized every day there are more places to buy it, even so, it seems that they are not easily visible, and if they are, they may not be of the best quality. Due to the popularity of the concentrate, many people have been producing the concentrate for marketing, however, some are not usually certified with a quality seal.

That is why when looking for where to get the concentrate it is necessary for the client to know that they have the proper certification and that they are making a good purchase, adjusted to both their needs and their pocket.

There are two methods to buy cannabis oil. The first is the most traditional, which is through pharmacies and other medicine distribution stores that you can go to, although this method is usually more expensive. In addition, it is mandatory that the client has a medical prescription that authorizes the purchase of the component products of cannabidiol.

On the other hand, they can be obtained online, there are many digital stores that specialize in selling cannabidiol products, this is the most recommended method since they usually market very high-quality products certified by the health departments of their respective countries of production.

In addition, there is a more active market movement on the Internet, so price competition is highly advantageous for customers.

Better to buy CBD online


As already mentioned above, the most effective method of achieving cannabidiol oil is through the Internet, as it is easier, safer, and cheaper. Although in this aspect customers can also choose between two alternatives, buying the product in virtual stores abroad or in their own country.



It is important to remember that cannabidiol has multiple presentations, as well as different levels of THC, which is the psychoactive element that contains the plant from which it is extracted. In the United States, CBD can be traded with a level of up to 80% THC, although each level has its restrictions.

It is only a matter of looking for the legal indications of the country where the product will be ordered. Also, some product presentations may or may not be allowed depending on the country. On the other hand, if a shipment is going to be ordered to another country, it is also necessary to know what are the laws in favor of this medicine so as not to commit any infraction.


You should evaluate when buying CBD is what you want to use it for. If you plan to take it as a health supplement, you won’t need the same one as someone trying to ease chronic pain or inflammation.