Gone are the days when people used to start their working day by catching up with colleagues over a cup of coffee in the break-out area, taking small tea breaks, blocking meeting rooms for brainstorming, and ganging up for office parties. Even passing a jar of flax seeds across will no longer be a core.

Now, work from home is a new thing. Though, it sounds like a luxury or a vacation but being productive while working from home is easier said than done. No doubt, the potential of working from home is endless, and you will need to find to increase efficiency as well as relax after it.

Mentioned below are some of the tips that you can follow for a successful work from home:

Start your day with a bang

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At times, working from home is synonymous with a sloth-like behavior, but exercising early in the morning will let you break the monotony and start the day on an energetic note. Make the most of your office commutation time by indulging in some home workout. Many workout applications stream regular sessions on mobile phones and laptops.

Whether you want to dance your heart out, do some yoga to release stress, or keep yourself up with body training, a variety of exercises are available at these workout platforms. If you’re not a morning person, then try to fit the exercise schedule somewhere around lunchtime or once you wrap your day.

Physical exercises have some wonderful benefits. Exercising not only helps in breaking a sweat but also improves mood by releasing endorphins and dopamine. A satisfying yet challenging workout is all that you need to stay emotionally and mentally fit during this time of lockdown.

Smoke marijuana

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Even though you are at home, working, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get tired after your shift is over. Sure, you avoid things such as commute and there are definitely benefits to working at home, but it can still be quite stressful.

It is hard to imagine a better way to relax after work then to smoke marijuana. It is a great way to relax and all you need to do is find a dispensary which is nearby and you know it has high-quality products.

Create a happy workspace

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One thing that people miss the most while working from home is their office desk as it is their sacred place where they find themselves again and again. Some decorated with travel magnets, while others with snippets of their favorite quotes, an office desk perfectly describes its owner.

When it comes to working from home, people are tempted to stay in bed or maybe recline on a couch, but it will be ideal to have your workspace. If there is no proper study room, use your dining table. Sitting on a table not only helps with good posture but also avoids distraction. You can invest on a standing desk if you are willing to work on your feet.

Shell out some minutes for your me-time

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Working from home doesn’t mean that you’ll stay miserable all the time. Apply masks, learn to play a new instrument, or read a good book—do things that make you feel happy while working from home as it will keep your spirits up. During the time of isolation, you can give an essential oil massage to yourself. Make something that you like; don’t care if it is extra salty, sugary, or fried.

If you like the idea of drinking coffee, then do prepare a cup of Chicory coffee. Oh, and also! To make it even healthier, you can add a spoonful of CBD oil with chocolate powder. CBD oil offers a variety of benefits —not only it will reduce inflammation but also tension, you can learn more at about such products on ULU. In fact, dark chocolate too can help in reducing stress and ease anxiety.

Know what’s interrupting you

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Working from home and office is different. In the office, usually, no one disturbs, while there are a lot of interruptions at home. From house cleaner to vegetable vendor and even neighbor, everyone wants your attention and sometimes, at the same time. Not only this, but distractions also means continuous social media notifications.

And if you’re a mother or someone staying alone, then it gets grueling to work. Amidst such crazy household scenes, the situation gets worse when your office calendar keeps on throwing notifications every hour. The best way to keep distractions at bay is to not to work at a place where there are distractions.

You can consider time blocking if you want to complete a task in a set chunk of time. Keep all your email and social media notifications on a silent mode, if you’re in the middle of a super urgent assignment.

Start vaping

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One thing you can definitely do after you’ve finished everything is to start vaping. The good think about it is that it can be a great way for smokers to relax during work and it doesn’t really affect your efficiency.

Also, you will be spending time at home, so the smoke will not bother anyone as it would in the office, where you’d probably be distracted by going to the smoking area all the time.


Increasing efficiency at work involves doing some of the things which will directly affect your job but it is also important to get the much-needed rest to be able to do the tasks.