It seems that rest is easy, and you don’t need to learn it. Well, in fact, you go to the cinema or to a cafe, so you rested. However, for those who work a lot or are busy studying, quality rest becomes a real problem.

Common Ways to Relax

Rest in our understanding is most often a passive pastime. The word rest in our daily routine is associated with sleep, sitting on the Internet, as well as watching TV shows and movies. For some, the rest is a walk with friends, a trip to the cinema or theater, a visit to an exhibition, in general, something that helps to relieve stress and forget about problems. There are people who, for complete relaxation, smoking weed is enough. And there are a lot of such people, because cannabis culture is very common in countries where it is legalized. It all depends on what type of rest is important for a person.

Smoking cannabis is a way for meditation just like traveling to the other side of the world or renting a supercar at office like for speed-lovers.

Cannabis: Benefit or Harm?


In recent years, rehabilitation of marijuana has begun in some countries: decriminalization of its use and storage, creation of an open market, research on the effects of the plant on human health. In December 2020, the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs excluded medical cannabis and all its derivatives from the list of critically dangerous drugs.

Opponents of legalization claim the effect of marijuana on mental health and believe that this is a direct path to the use of heavier drugs. But scientists at the University of California conducted research on the effect of cannabinoids on many processes in the body. In a large group of patients with appetite disorders, cannabinoids have proved effective in the treatment, especially in the case of anorexia disorders. There are also studies that speak about the influence of cannabis on the positive dynamics in the treatment of people with depression.

Another interesting use of cannabis is in patients with social phobia. There is a special simulator: the patient is seated in front of a screen and a public speaking is imitated – something that causes great fear in such people. According to research, cannabidiol is quite effective in treating social phobia.

Moreover, there are several studies that show that in PTSD patients, the use of cannabis products leads to a decrease in the intensity of flashbacks (the involuntary revival of a traumatic experience through unusually vivid memories, during which it seems that a terrible reality from the past invades the present life). This cannot yet be called proof, but it is worth further investigation. No negative effects have been observed so far.

All in all, marijuana contains resins, vitamin K, choline, edestin, alkaloids, essential oil, carotene, cannabidiolic acid and other components that have a relaxing, calming, analgesic effect on a person without consequences. The effect of cannabis is exactly the same as that of special medical preparations created for this purpose, but there are no side effects that the latter have.

The Culture of Cannabis


As mentioned above, cannabis is quite often used for medical purposes, however, some people like to smoke marijuana in order to relax and have fun.

For many, smoking marijuana is associated with liberation, creativity, music and dancing. There is a whole culture of smoking and even has its own traditions! And this culture has its own faces, known to almost everyone: Bob Marley, Woody Harrelson, Snoop Dogg and many others.

Everyone knows Snoop Dogg’s love for marijuana, because he not only mentions it in your tracks, but also dedicated his own line of herbs to culture and even created a website. Other famous artists who have been outspoken about cannabis use often claim that it helps them to relax, and therefore inspiration comes.

There are whole events dedicated to smoking marijuana and even a separate day – April 20, when it is customary to gather and use cannabis together. Such days are celebrated in many cities in countries where cannabis is legalized. If you want to attend a large-scale event dedicated to this, but you need to go far, follow a few tips and do not be afraid to go on an exciting journey!

Safety First


Despite the fact that the effect of cannabis use has some positive properties, do not forget about precautions. First of all, this concerns contraindications for health. It is also important to follow a number of tips to make the use of the safest and avoid unpleasant situations:

  • the use of cannabis should be avoided in situations that require concentration, attention and an undisturbed perception of time
  • be sure to refrain from driving and working with dangerous equipment during use and immediately afterwards
  • use cannabis only in a safe place with reliable friends
  • try not to smoke if you have problems with your pulse or heart rate. The harm of marijuana for men is especially obvious after 35 years, when the risk of a heart attack or coronary heart disease increases
  • you should be especially careful and refrain from the actions listed above if you have used cannabis along with alcohol! Wait at least three hours for the effects of cannabis to wear off before driving or operating equipment. After eating cannabis products, you need to wait longer for the effects to subside – at least eight hours

You shouldn’t also forget that in no case should you cross the line and do everything in moderation. If smoking brings you relaxation, you shouldn’t focus only on this type of recreation, think about the importance of your health, therefore also try to diversify your life with workout, and other interesting things!