The Mighty vaporizer was made in Germany by Storz and Bickel, the same company that manufactured the Crafty. The original model was released in 2014, but the newer version is a quite upgrade. It is twice the size of the Crafty and twice its battery life too.

Due to its 2 lithium-ion batteries, it is quite sizeable and can only fit in bag packs and large handbags. It is, therefore, not for anyone who values discretion but for one who doesn’t mind being seen with it.

The ridges on the outside of the Mighty function as heat sinks, thereby cooling the unit no matter how long you hold it.

How to use


To switch it on, you just need to press the power button and it will automatically begin to heat up. You don’t need to long-press or hold buttons for this one.

Once it’s booted up, it displays the default and actual temperature and the remaining battery charge. The temperature controls on the Mighty vaporizer provides you with hands-on ease of use access.

This unit comes with a filling aid that eases the loading and unloading of the bowl. The loading method for the Mighty is the same as the Crafty only that the Mighty has a bigger cooling unit than the Crafty at the top.

To load the device, you’ll need some freshly ground herbs. We still recommend the Zeus Bolt Grinder, which grinds up the herb to a fine finish to ensure smooth consistency in the vapor.

The second thing will be to open the heating chamber by twisting off the top. Once you’ve done this, place the top back and twist it again to lock it in place so as to prevent any movement of the top while vaping.

Battery life

The unit boasts of 2 inbuilt rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and it can get you up to 8 sessions per charge. This means if you charge the Mighty full, you get to use it for about 90 minutes or even more.

Like the Crafty, you can use this device while it’s still charging. The only difference is that unlike the former, which requires a rough charge of 20% before use, you can actually use it after plugging it in even if fully dead.

The Mighty, however, isn’t chargeable with the USB charging system due to the extra batteries, therefore, it has to be plugged to the wall. If plugged in while fully dead the estimated charging time is close to 2 hours.



Along with every purchase comes a filling aid which reduces mess, a charger, a liquid pad, a dosing capsule, a plastic grinder, a cleaning brush, spare o-rings and a detailed instructions manual.

Cleaning and maintenance

As explained by HazeSmokeShop, when you purchase the Mighty, you are provided with a dosing capsule. This helps to clean your device and gets you up and running with it in no time. The dosing capsule is quite easy to use and doesn’t take up a long time to clean with it.

The cooling unit requires more effort to clean and might take up a fraction of your time. Cleaning the Mighty generally is tedious compared to the other vaporizers.

Simply dip some cotton swabs in the required amount of isopropyl alcohol given to clean up the buildup of residue.

Pros of the Mighty

– Longer battery life due to the extra batteries
– Good quality vapor
– Temperature control precision. Thanks to its digital display, you are able to set the temperature to your desired setting.

Cons of the device

– Short term warranty of 2 years
– It is not easily concealable therefore making it cumbersome to carry
– Does not have an on-the-go charging system like other vaporizers out there meaning that you need to charge it fully before you go out with it
– Irreplaceable inbuilt batteries. In the event that your battery dies, the device becomes an expensive useless item.



This device is perfect for the fellow who just wants to relax at home and enjoy the good quality vaping experience or that fellow who wants to share the fun with his friends without having to worry about battery life.

If you seemingly don’t mind being seen with it or are able to pack it with you for travel and don’t mind the space it consumes, then the Mighty vaporizer is the perfect device for you.