Since the emergence of the vaping industry, manufacturers have been working to improve the user experience. As a result, more and more people are turning to this alternative to smoking cigarettes. It is a much safer product compared to classic cigarettes, but it is also a much more fun experience. With this safer option, you can still get your dose of nicotine without any negative effects.

Thanks to the latest technology, there are now various accessories such as Bluetooth, voice activation and a better battery. However, there are several innovations that have stood out and changed the game when it comes to this technology.

1. Better Pod systems


While once the most popular vaping device was the box mode, now it is under the system. This system allows discreet use in different places. We must note that there has been progress within this system. The consequences of progress are reduced leakage, elimination of airflow losses and a more comfortable mouthpiece.

They are also very easy to charge in the car or in some other places where you stay. All you need is a USB port. If you want to charge your capsule even faster, choose a model that has a quick charge option. This will make it easier for you to achieve a full charge, which means that you will use it throughout the day.

2. Better battery

When we talk about the battery, we must mention the progress in this area as well. If we go back to the beginning of vaping, we will remember the clumsy battery that did not hold a charge for a long time. Now According to Dr Dabber everything is different, because you can find different types of batteries and choose the one that suits you best. Thanks to this progress, everyone who likes to perform big vape clouds and other tricks can do it much better.

A durable battery will provide them with the effects they are trying to achieve. It is also much safer to use the device because it avoids inadequate battery use. For example, the user may have previously chosen a battery model that is inappropriate or improperly used.

In this case, there is a high risk of accident. Fortunately, it is enough to follow simple rules so that you do not have problems. An inadequate battery will work worse, it will discharge much more often and thus disrupt your daily routine.

At the very beginning of the development of the vape industry, Li-Ion batteries with built-in protection in the form of a chip integrated on top of the battery were used. The protection drastically reduces the performance of the battery and increases its height, so that models with protection are no longer used. If you doubt the originality of the battery, do not buy it. If the battery you are using is tired and running low, replace it. Use batteries provided for vaper devices. Only new, only recognized brands and only original come into consideration

3. Bluetooth


Thanks to the enabled connection of the device with bluetooth, you have complete control over vaping. This means you can monitor usage, lock the device or monitor it via the app. When you lock the device, no one else will be able to use it if you lose it or have it stolen. All you have to do is install the app on your smartphone and connect to the device. To access all the features in the app, the device will ask you to send your photo and state ID.

Many people did not know that they needed this feature until they discovered all its benefits. Now you can monitor the use of vaping on a daily basis, which means that you will have better control over your habits. For example, you can analyze device usage and change habits if necessary. This applies not only to your health but also to the battery. While some people use this innovation for the purpose of easier health monitoring, they are also used for other assessments such as the assessment of supplementation of vape. This innovation has made vaping safer and more personal.

4. Nicotine control


Another feature that allows you to better record the use of the device is this. It is a question of the possibility of controlling the amount of nicotine. The function is called Hit Control, and you will establish control by pressing a button. Since the device has a smart learning algorithm, it will learn your needs very quickly. This means that next time it will help you determine the amount of nicotine when you need it. It will also gradually reduce the supply of nicotine over time.

5. Tobacco heating system

This system has always existed, but it is new that it does not burn. Sophisticated electronics like this one heats the tobacco very little. Tobacco is so hot that it releases nicotine-containing vapors. However, tobacco does not burn. To make this possible, the device contains several main components. It is a heating unit, a tobacco heat unit and a heating lens.

Now it is very interesting to experiment with different flavors. For example, the use of caffeine or smoking caffeine is popular. Many people use it when they want to get rid of drowsiness. Liquid cartridges containing caffeine and other flavors are used. This combination gives you a relaxing effect.

6. Customizable vape


Since the vaping technology has existed, new and innovative blends of vape juices have been constantly found. You can find an incredible number of juices on the market that you will enjoy and that you will combine. The more you experiment, the sooner you will find the ideal combination for you. However, since there is a website with custom vape juices, you don’t have to do anything yourself.


The use of electronic cigarettes has several advantages, namely health, financial and social. The first health benefit that many smokers notice after switching to vaping is that persistent cough disappears.

The awful coughing ritual is over every morning. Since e-cigarettes do not contain dangerous toxins contained in cigarette smoke, the risk to the environment is minimal. It is cheaper than ordinary cigarettes. So, we are constantly working on improving our vaping experience, which means that you will benefit even more from electronic cigarettes in the future