Legalizing cannabis has brought about a lot of chatter, and barely a day can pass by without hearing about this topic. One of the most popular topics of discussion relating to cannabis use is the dab rig.

For those unfamiliar with the dab rig, it’s a useful and practical glass smoking gadget that resembles a bong used in smoking wax concentrates and oils. These concentrates are usually a concentrated form of your cannabis that ensures you enjoy all its benefits.

If you’re wary of the dangers direct smoking has on your lungs, then the dab rig is the perfect smoking device for you. Here’s an overview of the essential parts of this device that you need to know.

The Components

Before you even get to the point of using your dab rig, it’s vital first to understand its basic components. Here are this device’s basic parts which you need to know to guarantee a great dabbing experience:

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  1. The Nail

This part of the dab rig is the end that heats the concentrate. The nail should ideally heat up very fast and retain this heat for a respectable duration. You can check sites like for more information about the nail. Also referred to as the banger, the nail usually gets heated using an electric heat source or torch to vaporize the concentrates. It’s made from a broad range of materials, including;

  • Quartz nails: This material is an excellent choice for the nail as it’s impossible for it to overheat. Plus, it’s just as durable as glass or ceramic. It does have a few downsides, including not being able to retain heat well. Therefore, there isn’t a lot of time available to enjoy inhaling the vapor concentrate.
  • Glass nails: These nails are readily available, but aren’t a great choice as they aren’t very durable and long-lasting. Because of this, you’ll need to replace them regularly. Hence, they aren’t ideal as a long-term investment. Glass nails also heat up relatively quickly and don’t do a great job retaining heat. This limits the time you have to inhale the concentrate vapor.
  • Ceramic nails: There’s little difference between ceramic and glass nails. With these nails, you get better heat retention capabilities, but their quality isn’t that great. Therefore, you’ll need to invest in a new one after some time.
  • E-nails: These are electric nails that feature a PID and a built-in port. The PID regulates the temperatures inside the nail every time and assesses the coil’s temperature. For better control, you can set the e-nail’s temperature, and this has made it both user-friendly and convenient, especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Titanium: For the experienced dabbers, the titanium nails are, no doubt, the perfect pick. This is because these nails heat up quickly, are solid and robust, and do an excellent job retaining heat. With that said, they do have one drawback, and that’s the risk of overheating. Therefore, it’s best to have some experience dabbing before you opt to use the titanium nail. Otherwise, you risk burning the concentrate you want to consume and ruin your dabbing experience altogether.
  1. The Glass Piece

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Another main component of the dab rig is the glass piece. The glass piece’s design differs, depending on your specific model, with some having removable parts, while others come as a single piece. The glass piece usually comes designed in various creative shapes, with the popular designs being oblong, round, and oval. The preferred choice depends on your individual preference, with some people stating some shapes deliver vapor that’s more concentrated, while others don’t feel any difference.

The most important thing is for the glass piece to be relatively small to ensure it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or hard to use.

  1. A Dab Tool

While this piece is often overlooked, it’s essential because it allows you to load and work the concentrate. Using this piece, you get to bring the concentrate into contact with the dab or heated banger. This shows that the dab tool is a vital piece you need to have a fantastic dabbing experience.

  1. The Torch Lighter

This is another crucial component needed during dabbing. It’s usually sold separately, depending on the dab kit you choose to purchase. The role of the torch lighter is to allow heat to produce the concentrate vapor. Torches either use propane or butane, and you can also get other smaller torch lighters that are also as effective at heating the concentrate.

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  1. The Carb Cap

The carb cap is an optional component that isn’t found on all the dab rigs. After adding the concentrate inside the heated dab nail, you should place the carb cap over the dab nail. Doing this allows the buildup of potential vapor underneath the cap without letting vapor escape. When the time comes for you to take your hit, the hit you get will be amplified.

  1. Water Pipe or Bong

Like with the standard bong, a water pipe is a necessary component that’s needed for you to enjoy an incredible dabbing experience. It’s through this component that the dab vapor starts cooling as it passes through the chambers. Moreover, it cleans the vapor before getting to your lungs and features water filtration that carries out additional cooling.

Why Should You Use A Dab Rig?

While you might think that the dab rig is complicated to use due to its different components, this isn’t the case. But, if you still aren’t entirely convinced, here’s a highlight of the benefits you’ll enjoy for using a dab rig;

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  • Greater and powerful production of vapor
  • Little smoking odor alongside an improved tasting vapor
  • Optimal flavor from the concentrates
  • Fewer carcinogens as no smoked is produced

Therefore, it’s clear that dabbing is, no doubt, the ideal way to enjoy your favorite herb.


The dab rig ensures you get the most out of the cannabis concentrate, so you get to enjoy a better high. If you didn’t know of the different components found on this device, this comprehensive guide has enlightened you on every crucial part you need to know. Knowing this, you can now go ahead and start to enjoy using the dab rig, giving you the most out of your cannabis concentrate.