The growing popularity of cannabis has encouraged several innovative ways of consumption of the natural drug. One recent trend that is reshaping the cannabis enthusiasts’ consumption experience is the nectar collector.

The potheads who are passionate about dabbing, nectar collectors offer them one of the most convenient tools to enjoy the cannabis extracts.

If you are curious about nectar collectors, keep reading this article. In the following lines, we will explain what they are and why they are so special.

What is a nectar collector?

A nectar collector is a relatively new dabbing device. Consisting of a straight tube, a nectar collector is similar to drinking with a straw. They are designed specifically for smoking waxes and oils.

This simple device consists of a neck, body, and a tip. The nectar collectors usually are made from glass and silicone. The titanium, quarts, or ceramics materials make the tips of these smoking devices.

By extending maximum portability and convenience, nectar collectors are becoming a fashionable choice for dab consumption.

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Parts of the nectar collector

A typical nectar collector dabbing set contains the following parts.


A nectar collector often comes with two tip sizes of 10mm and 14mm. The tip of a nectar collector serves the same purpose as a quartz banger or titanium nail, do in a dab rig. Using a butane torch, you can heat the tip of the nectar collector to reach a temperature of 500°F. This temperature helps to vaporize your cannabis concentrate.

Usually, some dabbers associate nectar collectors with dabbing cannabis oil only. That is not true, since you can use this device to dab any cannabis concentrate such as wax, rosin, and shatter.

Recycler body:

The recycler body contains water that provides filtration. A complete nectar set includes a water container. Like a dab rig, this water cools down the vapors as well as provides a filtration function.

The design of the cycler bodies assists in avoiding water spillage. Therefore, with this device, you never need to worry about spilling. The second purpose that the cycler body serve is it acts as a handle to hold the device during dabbing. The raised clear marbles on the sides allow you to grip this device firmly.

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Mouthpiece tube:

The removable mouthpiece tube allows you to keep red hot titanium/quartz at a safe distance. The extended length of the mouthpiece makes the vapor chill a bit more to provide a smoother hit. These features allow a removable mouthpiece part to become a standard accessory of the nectar collector set.

The mouthpiece features a straight tube with a flared top. Some brands innovate the mouthpiece part by redesigning it into a connection piece. That allows the mouthpiece segment to connect to the bond or dab rig.

However, the mouthpiece does not make an essential part of the silicone nectar collectors. Since the design of these nectar collectors intends to provide a compact and more portable experience, therefore, an extended mouthpiece does not fit well with them.


The final part of a nectar collector set is clips that come in red, yellow, and blue colors. These clips help to securely hold the body, the quartz/titanium tip, and the mouthpiece together. They ensure that none of the parts fall off suddenly while using a nectar collector.

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Electric Nectar Collector

The components of Electric Nectar Collector are the same as most Nectar Collectors. For example, TOKER eStraw uses the new hollowed coil-less ceramic heating tip. It is only 8 Seconds Heat-up which is significantly better, compared to the 20-60 seconds heat-up dab rigs or vaporizers.

Silicone nectar collector

The silicone nectar collector is a portable, convenient device made from indestructible, 100% food grain silicone. Due to its pocket-fit size, silicone nectar collectors make dabbing on the go more convenient than ever.

These devices extend more control over your cannabis concentrate. By easy monitoring, it prevents the wastage of the concentrate. Silicone nectar collectors are easy to clean.

Some brands offer a removable travel cap with silicone nectar that allows easy transport and doubles as an on-the-go dab dish. Moreover, silicone nectar collectors are more compact, and there is no risk of breaking.

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How does a nectar collector work?

The basics of a nectar collector and dab are similar. The only difference is you actively place the heated tip of your device on the concentrate while with dabber, you put the cannabis concentrate on the nail.

The operation of the nectar collector is simple and effective. The tip of the nectar collector is heated up using a torch, and then it is used to vaporize the cannabis concentrate. The straw allows the users to draw in the vapors.

How to use a nectar collector?

You start with a silicon or glass dish to hold your dabs. Keep your dabbing dish right next to yourself while taking your nectar collector dab. Before you can start enjoying the cannabis extract, you have to follow the below-listed steps.

  • First, heat the nectar collector’s titanium tip using a torch.
  • You require to try a little bit of testing to get the perfect temperature. Usually, 15-30 seconds is a good starting point for nectar collectors. Allow your tip to cool down to reach the required temperature.
  • Dip your tip in the cannabis concentrate, or merely place it in touch with the surface of cannabis extract. Now start inhaling by placing your mouth over the straw.
  • As your dabs vaporize, pull the device away from your dish of concentrate.
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The nectar collector offers greater convenience. Since you don’t need several loose parts to take a dab, the cannabis enthusiasts love the device for the ease it brings to the cannabis consumption experience.

Moreover, it requires less time than the full-on dab rig, nail, and carb cap setup. By allowing you to control how much cannabis concentrate precisely you need, the nectar collector helps to reduce the waste.

You can terminate your dabbing session by just pulling the concentrate dish. The relatively lower price of the nectar collector makes it popular among concentrate enthusiasts and casual users alike.

Final thoughts

The nectar collectors offer a simple and effective way to dab wax, other cannabis concentrates. It provides a discrete way to enjoy dabs. It is comparatively a simple device consisting of a neck, body, and tip. The dabbing enthusiasts are turning to nectar collectors because they allow greater convenience and portability. The silicone nectar collectors further extend the portability and durability to the users. These devices are simple, cost-effective, and yet offer a distinctive concentrate consumption experience.