If you’re a marijuana fan, there’s a lot for you to educate yourself about this plant. Gone are the days when marijuana was highly stigmatized and acknowledged as a bad drug. In today’s world, with much evolution of the technology, internet, and scientific research, the world is aware of the mind-boggling benefits of this compound.

Over the years, historians and scientists have successfully managed to gather several interesting facts about marijuana. Most of these facts will debunk the myths that continued to hound this plant for years. Here are a few interesting facts about marijuana that you must know. Make sure to read till the end:

  1. Females and Males Respond Differently to This Plant

If you’re a cannabis pro, you will know that the different strains of this plant have varying effects on men and women. Most people think smoking weed is the same for men and women. However, it is not true at all. A recent study at Washington State University revealed marijuana has a high tolerance with women as compared to men. This means women can consume a higher quantity of this plant as compared to men and not feel high.

Img source: phys.org
  1. Weed is over 10,000 Years Old

Yes, this is true! Weed is over 10,000 years old, and many experts like ones from this website believe it was the first-ever crop discovered by mankind. Today, it has become mainstream and is used by over 1 billion people across the globe. Earlier, when it was discovered in the early 19th century, people thought of it as a plant that could only be used for recreational reasons. Now, it is all over the place and is being used for treating people affected by different diseases. Don’t forget to get ILGM discount codes if you are purchasing weed online.

  1. The Word Canvas is Taken From Cannabis

In popular culture, the canvas is often chanted when people discuss art. However, the truth be told, the canvas was originally taken from the word cannabis. If you don’t know, canvases were always made from hemp. This is the main reason why canvas is often associated with hemp. Although this practice has been stopped now, many people still use hemp to make canvases. Especially if you sift through the streets of South Asia countries, you will frequently come across weed canvases.

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  1. Bob Marley was a Big Weed Fan

If you’re a Bob Marley fan, you must know, when he dies, his family members buried him with his guitar, Bible, and a bud of cannabis. Upon his request, Bob was buried with weed because he loved it throughout his life. Many experts believe weed was the main reason behind his success. Because this plant enables you to declutter your mind from stress, you can easily feel more motivated and focused on work.

  1. Weed Can Treat Cancer

Although it sounds weird, it is true to every inch. With massive health benefits, weed has joined the bandwagon to treat cancer as well. Earlier, scientists only knew of its recreational purposes, but now they are convinced, it will help in killing the cancer cells in the blood. Furthermore, weed can also treat the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Especially if you are suffering from hallucinations and loss of appetite, weed will help you in keeping up with the normal pace of life easily.

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  1. Barack Obama Was a Member of “Choom Gang”

If you think weed is only for the locals, you’re wrong! Weed has always had a positive attitude towards everyone and caters to all genders. This is the main reason why even presidents and celebrities swooned over it. You will be shocked to know, Barack Obama was one of the members of the “Choom Gang” in college. These gang members used to play basketball and smoke weed. However, this rumor was not given much attention in the beginning. A few months later, after it erupted, it was confirmed by his college buddies that he did indeed smoke marijuana with them.

  1. Marijuana is one of the Most Sought After Herbs Today

Although it sounds strange, it is true. Ever since 2015, marijuana is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with a staggering net worth of around $1 billion. It has emerged as one of the most profitable businesses today. If you ask any business owner about their alternative investment plan, you will come across them to discuss marijuana. It is legal in over 50 states across the globe and continues to dominate the global herb market. If this trend continues, marijuana will become mainstream.

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  1. Marijuana was First Sold Online 4 Decades Back

Now, if you sift through the web, you will come across a vast array of online vendors who sell good quality marijuana to the customers. However, 40 years ago, nobody had even imagined buying marijuana over the web. However, contrary to popular belief, this happened in reality. Students at the Stanford university used the internet to buy weed from an online seller. This sounds shocking, but there is evidence of it on the internet. So the next time somebody tries to bring down marijuana’s past, tell them about this fact.

  1. Bhang is Made from Marijuana

Bhang is an Indian milkshake whose main ingredient is marijuana. This milkshake is often served during the cultural festival of Holi. This milkshake can easily make you feel high and lose control of yourself. People use a strong marijuana strain to make it. This is the main reason why it is the best selling drink during different cultural festivals in India. So if you ever visit this secular country, don’t forget to grab a glass of Bhang.

Img source: pexels.com
  1. Marijuana Users Are Increasing Rapidly

According to the latest research, it has been found out that approximately 6000 people from the US try marijuana for the first time every day. This means the plant manages to encapsulate the lives of millions every year. Because it has incredible health benefits, people swoon over it and use it in creative ways. If this trend continues, marijuana will soon be all over the place.

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