According to the scientific approach, drugs can be categorized as being depressants, stimulants or hallucinogens. The classification is based on the effect and properties they have.

1. Depressants

These are drugs that have the function of decreasing the function of the brain and most common types include alcohol.


2. Stimulants

People tend to use these to make their mood better and to boost their energy. It can often happen that these tend to create a kind of paranoia and they can also create addiction.

3. Hallucinogens

These drugs work in a completely different way since they use to disturb the regular communication between the brain and nerve cells. They also tend to give the alerted view of reality. The most common types include LSD, MDMA.


4. Opiates

They tend to make people euphoric and they are painkillers in essence. They damage the brain and they cause addiction. The most common ones are heroin, morphine, etc.


Weed is most commonly known as marijuana and now is the question of where to classify it. The line here is not a distinct one and marijuana can be classified differently depending on the type of weed a person uses. So, the classification of cannabis is it being a depressant, stimulant, or hallucinogen.


As depressant

As we have said, they tend to decrease the functionality of the brain and they damage the central nervous system. Their primary function is to make sense of relaxation and to make nerves relaxed. They are very good in treatments of insomnia and muscle spasm. On the other hand, they have a lot of side-effects such as nausea confusion, reduced motor coordination, low blood pressure, slowed breathing, slurred speech, lightheadedness, blurred vision, short-term memory loss and dizziness. Apart from these, there are also relaxation, sleepiness, muscle relaxation, short-term memory loss and dizziness.


As stimulant

As we have previously said, they are used to make people more energetic and to give people more strength to do some things. They often tend to increase heart rate and also make people breathe more rapidly. They make people more active, opposite to the depressants. On the other hand, there are hazardous side effects that they can cause, such as increased body, temperature, paranoia, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, seizures and heart failure.

Weed can also be treated as a stimulant since it can sometimes increase and cause elevated moods, racing heartbeat, anxiety and paranoia. Weed does not affect every person in the same way, and thus it differences whether we can consider it as a depressant or a a stimulant. The critical difference is that in some cases and within some people it can create more energy and stamina while other people may feel depressed and moody.


As hallucinogen

The most common connection and the notion of weed that people have are regarding it as a hallucinogen. Truth to be told, there are some instances when people had experienced some kinds of hallucinations when they used weed, but it should be emphasized that this is not very common and that hallucinations are very rare. What are hallucinogens? Those are drugs that can cause people to have somewhat distorted perceptions of reality and the world around them. This is implied both to both visual and audio part of reality and hallucinations. Hallucinogen can cause various side effects. For example, they can create that space and time have been altered.

Furthermore, it may seem that a person has completely lost any control over his/her own body. The heart rateĀ is also increased and the mouth starts to dry. One of the most common notions is that people start to become detached from reality and even from themselves.


It needs to be said that hallucinogen can cause some serious health issues and some of these include problems in speech and even the loss of memory.

What is the conclusion?

Well, the perception of weed can be thus different to different people. The reason for this is the fact that people use different types of plant and that these types create various side effects. So, depending on the weed you are using, marijuana can be either depressant, stimulant, or hallucinogen.