Buying large amounts of high-quality Hemp flowers can be somewhat expensive. After all, there is a lot of time and care that goes into the cultivation of these plants, and growers have to make enough money for it to be worth all of that. Still, what is the average Hemp smoker supposed to do if they need a better deal? It isn’t as simple as shopping around, as many companies will sell you garbage when you ask for a cheaper deal.

It’s all about finding a supplier that will give you decent quality at a fair price. For those who aren’t all that familiar with the features of the Hemp plant, let’s discuss the ways in which you can tell the good from the bad. We don’t want any of our readers getting ripped off, so pay close attention.


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Coloration is one of the best indicators of freshness for Hemp flowers. Not all plants tend to hold their green color when dried. For instance, tobacco turns brown once dried. That’s normal for tobacco, but Hemp should never be brown.

If it is not a pleasant shade of green, it is simply too old. Like any other plant-based product, Hemp flowers only have a certain shelf life. Within 6-12 months of harvesting, the flowers will lose most of their moisture content, and a lot of other things will go with that. Usually, their coloration is one of the first things to change, giving you a clear warning that something is wrong.


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This factor is related to the first one, although not in all cases. Hemp flowers that are past their expiration date will lose most of that pungent scent, although hints of it will likely remain.

Of course, you should remember that wholesale Hemp probably won’t be as funky as its full-price counterpart. You can’t reasonably expect to get top quality at a low price, so don’t look for it to be the stankest and dankest. Instead, just make sure that it has the distinctive smell to which you are accustomed.

Moisture Content

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Illicit Marijuana dealers, like their legal Hemp-slinging counterparts, have sometimes been known to be dishonest. This is not to say that you cannot trust your Hemp supplier…only that you have to take their claims with a grain of salt. As we always say: Trust, but verify.

There is a little trick that shady pot dealers have often used to rip people off, and some Hemp producers will also do this. We are talking about the practice of adding moisture to the final product. Because Cannabis of all kinds is generally sold by weight, this is like adding more of the product for free. Of course, it’s no good for the customer because they are paying for that extra water, which won’t benefit them. This is often done by leaving a moistened piece of bread in the bag and sealing it for a while.

To see if your Hemp has been “bread-bagged,” you can just get a good-sized stem from the bag and do a “snap test.” If the product has been dried correctly, the stems should snap cleanly in two. If they just bend, your Hemp is too wet. Hemp that is too wet will also have a tendency to be stickier, so you can also perform a simple test by grabbing a bud and attempting to stick it to the wall.

Mental Effects

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Although there are many external yardsticks that can help you to judge your Hemp flowers on sight, there is no substitute for actual usage. Only by sampling the product can you determine its quality for sure. As such, you can judge the quality of the product on the mental effects that result. As everyone knows, legal Hemp flowers will not get you “high.” However, they do have a certain effect on your mental state.

Most Hemp smokers report that the plant makes them feel relaxed and serene without feeling “doped.” If you do get a feeling as if you are “high,” you may have bought some Hemp that has too much THC. Not only is this counterproductive, but it’s also illegal for both you and the seller. Even if you don’t mind the THC, it isn’t worth the risk of going to jail.

This does bring us to one problem, though: Wholesale deals don’t usually allow for free samples. That’s why you should refrain from buying a large amount when dealing with a new company. Look for a “bargain pack” that offers a relatively small amount of Hemp at an appealing price.

Seed and Stem Content

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Hemp seeds and stems are far from useless, but they are no good for smoking. Both of them are highly unpleasant to smoke, as they tend to make people cough and choke a lot. Not only that, but they taste terrible. We do recommend, however, that you save your stems and seeds. The seeds can be roasted and eaten and are highly nutritious. The stems, on the other hand, can be used as a source of CBD extracts. However, these are merely side uses, so it’s more important to get the flower material.

Even when buying online, you can probably look at some pictures and get a general sense of how seedy a particular product might be. If you see a thick layer of seeds in the bottom of the bag, that’s a bad sign. If stems seem to take up more room than the flowers, that’s also no good. Once again, this stuff is sold by weight, so you don’t want to pay for anything other than what you want.


These are simple criteria by which you can evaluate the quality of any hemp flower wholesale product. We do advise you to be a little bit picky, in spite of the fact that you are looking for a wholesale product. It won’t do you any good to get a low price if the merchandise is garbage, so don’t get taken in by anyone’s hype. We thank you for visiting us as always and hope to see you again soon.