If you are among those who suffer from a chronic complaint, including pain or anxiety, perhaps you are curious about Cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD. This is a compound that is found in cannabis (hemp and marijuana).

Because there are varying levels of THC in cannabis varieties, CBD oil that comes from marijuana cannot be legally obtained, as it is characterized by roughly 30% THC concentration, whereas CBD oil that comes from hemp has a THC concentration of just 0.3%. Below, you can find all you need to know about CBD.

Understanding The Differences Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil

CBD Oil is prized for the medical and therapeutic properties derived from its flowers, leaves, and sometimes even the stem of cannabis plants that have been allowed to mature.

By contrast, hemp oils are produced from the seeds of cannabis plants and yield almost no THC or CBD. Though not as strong as CBD, hemp oil does offer some nutritional benefits because it features numerous vitamins and minerals.

Though a great deal of research has been done into the value of CBD for humans, its application when it comes to pets is not quite as clear just yet. However, it is suspected that CBD can provide tremendous benefits, particularly for dogs, according to Glow CBD. Anecdotal accounts available online indicate that many pet owners notice a dramatic difference for the better when using it to treat their dogs’ anxiety, arthritis pain, inflammation, digestive concerns, cancer, epilepsy, and more.

Researchers indicate that CBD works with key receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems that keep the body in optimal balance and overall health.

The following considerations should be taken into account prior to using CBD oil to treat dogs:

The preponderance of veterinary professionals agree that dogs ought not be given a highly intoxicating amount of CBD, as it can pose dangers. A smaller dose of non-psychoactive product does, however, offer some real benefits, and therefore it is possible to help a pet feel better without producing a “high.”

While many pet owners attest to the ability of CBD products to assist with pain and anxiety, formal research studies on the topic remain inconclusive. Proper dosage also remains a somewhat open question with regard to canines.

As is true of any drug or supplement, CBD does pose a risk of unexpected effects. As such, it is best to begin with a small dose and keep a close eye on how the dog responds, especially for the first few administrations. Make sure to consult with a veterinary professional to gain insights into your pet’s distinct problems and needs. If CBD looks to be a viable option, be sure to seek expert advice before proceeding.

Organic CBD Oil Products

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If you do not opt for an organic CBD oil, you should at least make certain that the one you choose is free from solvents, fungicides, and the like. Furthermore, every maker of such products must be upfront about certifying the amount of each key element contained in the oil. You need to know that the oil you choose has zero or minimal amounts of THC and that should be labeled.

Generally speaking, if the seller isn’t upfront about product information, perhaps you should find another one instead. What that suggests is that the product might not be what it is said to be, they might have mixed a few other “ingredients” which aren’t supposed to be there.

Getting What You Pay For

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In order to rest assured that you have a product of high purity levels, you will probably need to spend a bit more. Choosing a less expensive product leaves you vulnerable to obtaining a product containing dangerous ingredients, with heavy metals high on the list.

When it comes to purchasing CBD products of any kind, you should steer clear of the cheapest ones. Usually, the quality of these entry-level products is low and you will not gain much from it.

Keep in mind that we aren’t suggesting that you spend a fortune. Of course, you should adjust to your budget, and compare the prices in several stores before you buy, but the higher the price the better the quality.

Liquid Form Is Ideal

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While it is possible to buy CBD dog treats for your pet, it is better to procure an oil or tincture, because this allows for maximum dosage flexibility.

If you haven’t given CBD to your dog before, this is perhaps the most useful advice you can find here. Also, make sure that you stick to the recommended dosage and not go above it just because it might seem as if it is needed.

With high-quality CBD and the right dosage, you will notice a change in your dog, and there’s nothing else you need to do.

Benefits For Dogs

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Dogs are prone to anxiety, and there are a number of triggers that commonly spark an episode. The presence of strangers is a significant one, and it is a response to past events. A dog that experienced cruelty from a prior owner may still be carrying the remnants of that trauma years later.

No matter its root cause, anxiety in dogs tends to manifest itself in things such as loud barking, scratching, pacing, and the like. Because CBD oil products include phyto cannabinoids, serotonin production is increased, and the dog’s mood has the ability to stabilize.

Dogs known to suffer seizures can also glean real benefits from CBD, just as humans with this afflication often do. Seizures are often the result of unusual brain activity, and it is thought that CBD has a calming effect on this process.