If you’ve been following the news about CBD products you should be pretty much up to speed with what it’s all about. There do remain some questions, though, that need to be answered.

CBD has been in the news for several reasons – not least the fact it has now been legalized in the USA and more detail about that in a moment – and is a very interesting substance in many ways. So what is it, why is it of such great interest, and why is it sometimes referred to as ‘Hemp Flower’? We’ll try and answer all of this for you and more in this article. Let’s begin with an explanation.

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

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There is a lot of confusion between CBD and cannabis – or weed, marijuana, whatever you wish to call it. Essentially, they come from the same plant, but there is a major difference. CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is one of at least 100 – the exact number is not known – compounds that can be extracted from the cannabis plant. At this point, we need to look at the different types of cannabis plants.

CBD is extracted from the strain of cannabis known as ‘Industrial Hemp’. This is a plant that has been grown for many centuries and has a wide range of uses in industry. Indeed, early settlers in the USA grew hemp commercially, and President George Washington grew it on his farm! This strain is correctly known as ‘cannabis sativa’. The hemp plant is rich in CBD, and we will come to that in more detail soon, but not so in another compound, THC.

THC – tetrahydrocannabinol – is found in the more potent cannabis Indica. This is the plant that is widely known as Marijuana. THC is the element that gives you the high, the psychoactive response you get when you smoke weed. That is the major difference between the two types of cannabis. You can see now why CBD is sometimes known as ‘hemp flower’ – it is derived from the flower of the hemp plant. For further information, you should check out tryplainjane.com who are a reputable supplier of high quality hemp flowers and other products.

So, now we know what the difference is, what about the legality issue?

Is CBD Legal in the USA?

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The short answer is yes; It is legal to supply and purchase it in the USA. It must be derived from the hemp plant – the correct strain – and to be legally sold, must contain no more than trace elements of THC. It can be bought with different levels of CBD, but not of THC. You will not get a high from a CBD product.

However, there is further confusion as in some states – 11 so far – cannabis itself is legal for recreational use, thanks to recent changes in the law. So, if you live in one of those states – there are many online resources that will show you where cannabis is legal – you can buy or even grow marijuana. This begs the question – why are people still using CBD? It’s a good question, yet there are some sensible answers.

Why Use CBD Hemp Flower?

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Before we continue here’s a little disclaimer: we are not medically qualified, so we cannot comment on the medicinal qualities of CBD hemp flowers. What we can do is tell you what users have said it does, and why they take it. It is essential to know that CBD has not been passed for use as a medicine. However, it is a legal supplement and health product, if it meets the criteria for CBD products as described above.

So, what is CBD hemp flower used for, and what does it do? If you suffer from a condition that involves chronic pain – that is pain that is there long-term and all the time – you will have been prescribed all manner of painkillers across your years of suffering. Some of these medicines are quite nasty, and very potent, and many come with side effects that make taking them something you would rather not do.

Remembering what we said about not being able to give medical qualifications, many thousands of people take CBD for chronic pain. It is known that certain compounds react with receptors in the brain relating to pain and that CBD seems to be one. These people report that CBD helps control their pain and that it does so efficiently. CBD is an entirely natural product so there are no side effects, and you do not risk getting high!

You don’t have to smoke CBD hemp flowers as the best way to take it is by way of a vaporizer. These are readily available and easy to use and are also surprisingly affordable. They use an atomizer to turn the hemp flower into vapor, which you then inhale with none of the risks that come with smoking.

Further Uses of CBD Hemp Flower

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Some people use CBD for sleep disorders – it relaxes so will help in this area – and others for the likes of anxiety and depression, and report excellent results. Research is rife into the effects of cannabis and its many compounds, with some experiments involving mice suggesting it could be helpful in restricting cancer cells – something we all hope proves to be true.

As things stand, we can only say that thousands of satisfied users give glowing reports of CBD hemp flowers for the situations outlined above and if you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety and depression or have trouble sleeping, it could be the answer you have been looking for.

Check out the reputable supplier we gave you the link for and you’ll see they have a variety of products in the CBD hemp flower range, and all are guaranteed to be the very best quality you will find anywhere. All we say is that if you do have any medical conditions, please check with a doctor before using CBD – it’s perfectly safe, but we want you to be certain! Enjoy your CBD at your leisure.