When it comes to growing weed, there are two options available to you: to grow your weed indoors or to take more of a gamble and cultivate the seeds outdoors. Both options have their pros and cons, however, people should always make sure that they learn which are the best states in the USA to grow weed legally.

Different states have different rules and restrictions in terms of growing weed. As such, if you are serious about growing weed, it is vital that you check which states are the best for growing weed. In addition to this, for outdoor growers, considering the climate is always essential; different strains of weed will grow best in different climates, so growers always need to make sure that they are choosing a strain that is suitable for their state’s climate.

Why Climate is Important

When choosing the best state in which to grow your weed, finding one that has the perfect climate is incredibly important. Different strains of cannabis are specially adapted and suited to different types of climate and weather conditions.

According to this website, while some strains originated from Russian native seeds—which naturally have a great deal of hardiness—other strains will be a little “weaker” and will need a drier and less cold climate if they are to meet their outdoor growing potential.

So, while we’re not necessarily saying that you should choose where you want to live based on how well cannabis plants will grow there—if you’re a cannabis grower, you may want to factor it into your considerations.

Top 5 US States

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Choosing the right state is one of the most important decisions you will make. For people who grow outdoors, choosing a state with the right climate is essential; otherwise matching your choice of seeds to your climate is also key.

Even growers who cultivate their seeds in specially controlled indoor environments will still benefit from choosing the right state, though, from the perspective of legalities; some states are far more lenient in terms of their cannabis growing rules than others, so why make life hard for yourself (if the option to move is available) by growing your seeds in a difficult state?

5. Michigan

Michigan is the only state in the Midwest that permits people to grow their own medical cannabis (so long as you are registered) and so is deserving of a spot on this list. The climate is a little too wet for most plants so water levels may need to be carefully monitored, but the warm weather will allow the plants to blossom if well managed.

At this point, Michigan presents the perfect hubbub for all the marijuana fans and those people who use it for medical purposes. The reason for it is that other Mid-Westerners can get here quickly and get what they need.

4. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a great place for growing your cannabis seeds—especially considering that it was the first state to legalize the use and growing of cannabis to the east of the Mississippi. The state’s lenient approach to cannabis growing and mild but pleasant summer climate makes it great for growing most strains of cannabis. However, cannabis cannot be grown outdoors due to the harsh nature of the winter months, which puts Massachusetts at number four on our list.

Although Massachusetts may not be perfect for growing weed due to the climate, it is pretty amazing that the eastern state decided to legalize. However, if you decide to get into this business and you live here, you need to be prepared to set aside more money for all the equipment.

3. Nevada

As with California, Nevada has legalized the use and consumption of cannabis, as well as growing cannabis. This means that you’ll never have to worry too much about the legalities of growing your cannabis seeds in Nevada—within reason and using your common sense, of course. Additionally, the warm weather is suitable for a number of different strains, in particular, those of Indica descent; Nevada is very hot and dry, though, so not all strains will be able to thrive and prosper here.

As expected, Nevada is a safe heaven for vice – other than weed, it is the place where gambling has been legalized for a while. Unlike the gambling industry, marijuana growing is still uncharted territory and you can still prosper if you put in work.

2. Oregon

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Oregon is great for growing plants; that is largely why it is home to so many huge and prosperous forests. As such, from a climate perspective, Oregon is a great state for you to grow your outdoor cannabis in; neither too hot nor too cold makes the Oregon climate a highly desirable one for outdoor cannabis growers.

1. California

It is well known that California is one of the most lenient states in terms of cannabis consumption and growing, and so naturally, it is also one of the best places to grow cannabis.

Cannabis use and growth are completely legal in California, so you won’t have to worry about getting on the wrong side of the law, and the climate is great for the vast majority of cannabis strains as well: warm and sunny, making outdoor cannabis cultivation easy in this state! As such, California is worthy of the number one spot on our list of the top USA states for growing cannabis seeds.

And while California is definitely going to retain the first position, the other states are still questionable. We are positive that more and more states in the US will allow medical marijuana growth and there is still a pretty good chance that they will introduce laws that will allow growers to expand!