There are a lot of grow kits on the market these days and a lot of them look really similar, why is that? What’s the point of having all of these grow kits being so similar in look and in purpose? Ultimately, is there a big difference between grow kits? They all include tents, ventilation, lighting, and some accessories, right?

Well, there’s a new type of grow kit on the market: a smart grow kit. In this article, we’ll break down what is included in VIVOSUN smart grow kit and why it has such a leg up on regular grow kits, and also what to look for when you’re researching your first smart grow kit.

What Is a Smart Grow Kit?


A smart grow kit is similar to a regular grow kit but it includes some major upgrades to a few pieces of equipment, and these upgrades are significant! Let’s first define what “smart” is, and then let’s take a look at how that is applied to various electronic systems!

A smart system is a name for products that are “connected” to the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The IoT is created by building products with computer chips that are capable of “communicating” with one another, usually through a third platform such as an app or a program on a computer.

Products that are integrated into the IoT are potentially a lot more powerful than products that are not since they give the user a lot more control over how those products work.

Think of an incandescent (or more likely LED) house light: those with built-in computer chips can be dimmed, scheduled to turn on or off according to a calendar, or even programmed to show colors.

A smart system for growing equipment essentially does the same thing: for example, growers can program their LED systems to produce a specific kind of spectrum, to turn on and off at specific times, to react to changes in the environment (if the lights are equipped with environmental probes), and to dim or brighten as needed.

These can be set alongside measured parameters in a grow tent to have the environment react to the needs of the plant. That is an exciting change!

Smart Lighting


As we mentioned, smart lighting is most likely going to be an LED system, although technically it is possible to have HID lighting that is smart, but it is not the lighting itself, rather an external device that somehow synchs with the lighting system and essentially acts as a timer and dimmer – unfortunately, HID lighting is not much more flexible than that!

When looking at what a smart grow light should be able to do, make sure that it can: 1) automatically react to changes in the tent climate; 2) automatically or manually adjust light intensity; 3) automatically or manually adjust spectral output; 4) automatically or manually communicates with other smart equipment in your grow tent.

Smart Ventilation


Similar to a smart LED grow light, smart ventilation should be able to measure, react, and control the climate automatically. That is our goal for an automatic system – total automation, if we want it!

Smart ventilation will be centered around the inline fan, which will have a built-in temperature probe and a cable that should connect with a digital controller.

This temperature probe is the crucial point of control and measurement for your smart climate control – this environmental probe captures data about humidity and temperature and sends it to the controller, which then sends all this data to an app on your phone where you’ll be able to compare the operational parameters of your devices next to the environmental data you’re collecting and can make adjustments in real time with real data.

Smart Controller


A smart controller is the heart of your smart system – while a smart system can still be operated without one, it would no longer be “smart,” but would just be a regular grow system.

Nothing wrong with that, but we can do better! A controller connects with all your growing equipment and synchs them together to create a unified whole that reacts to balance and stabilize your environment regardless of what is happening elsewhere!

Smart controllers can be used by themselves, or they can be paired with your smart phone so you can take your controller wherever you go and measure and adjust from anywhere in the world.

Smart Circulation Fan


A smart circulation fan is an extra add-on for your smart grow system that expands your ventilation system’s capabilities to a new level.

Strictly, a circulation fan is not necessary to grow indoors, but it helps immensely by providing better air circulation for your plants, which in turn helps plants grow healthier and helps balance temperature and humidity.

A smart circulation fan also connects to your controller and synchs with the operation of the rest of your system.

What Sets the VIVOSUN Build It Yourself Smart Grow System Apart

Smart grow kits are far superior to regular grow kits because they include everything that a regular grow kit includes but expanded. Smart grow kits, like VIVOSUN’s 3×3 smart grow kit, include a tent, hangers, ducting, a carbon filter, and the smart equipment.

For VIVOSUN’s case, they include the Red Dot award winning AeroLight, the AeroZesh inline fan, and the GrowHub controller, which synchs to the VIVOSUN App. A smart grow kit does so much more than a regular grow kit because it helps synch all the necessary operation onto an easy-to-use platform that can be adjusted and designed for special situations or it can be operated by programs that were designed by professional growers.

Overall, you’re going to get a better growing experience because you’ll be able to automate operation where you want to, while still being free to make even more adjustments according to whatever needs you might have – you’re actually able to have more flexibility with your grow system because you have more options, like setting different spectrums, light intensities, and even designing specific operational parameters.

VIVOSUN has also created its own “Build It Yourself” program so you’ll be able to create your own grow kit, select your products, and get product recommendations according to your exact needs. The VIVOSUN Build It Yourself link will help anyone get started the way they want to.