All brands and styles of menthol cigarettes are set to be banned this year both in the United State, United Kingdom and across Europe as a way to deter younger people taking up the unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes.

This could lead to a jump in sales for the menthol vape flavour alongside other vaping products as an alternative to the flavoured cigarettes.

What Actually Is Vaping?

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The most common reason people take up vaping is to switch from regular cigarettes as a more healthy alternative. When you inhale a cigarette you bring into your body toxic and very dangerous fumes that come from burning the cigarette paper.

Vaping instead turns all the liquid inside into smoke for you to inhale which is much less dangerous for your long term health. There are many different types of flavours you can purchase to smoke including both that have nicotine and those that don’t.

Vaping has become really popular since its introduction to the world roughly twenty years ago, and as we discover more and more about how unhealthy smoking cigarettes is for our bodies and long term health, more and more people are turning to vaping as an alternative.

What Flavours Can You Buy?

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One of the great things and why vaping has become some popular over the last decade is the varied amount of different flavours there are on the market.

If you look hard enough you can pretty much find any flavour that you may desire. Again some will include small amounts of nicotine while others don’t, but all are a much healthier alternative to smoking flavoured cigarettes.

There is now roughly 7,700 different vape flavours that can be bought in both vape shops and online such as

Two of the most popular flavours of recent years have been both strawberry flavoured vape juice and watermelon flavoured vape juice. There are now a wide range of strange and wacky flavours for you to try and delight your taste buds with.

Is E Liquid Safe?

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All forms of smoking can be harmful to the human body, and vaping with e liquids is no different. However studies have found that they are 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes or tobacco so they really are a much healthier alternative option.

Most e liquids are extremely safe to use due to being tightly regulated in most countries along with high quality safety tests taken on them with extensive testing undertaken in laboratories before they are allowed into the market, this is why it’s so important to purchase your vape juice from a reliable source or company.

Although the long term effect of using vape juice is not yet known, more and more research is being done on this matter.

What Is The Vape Juice Made Of?

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Most e liquids or vape juice is made up of simple ingredients such as water, flavourings, nicotine and a vegetable glycerine base. Some flavours do not have nicotine added to them as an ingredient so are a healthier option to choose.

Some vape juice may contain other ingredients so it’s always a good idea to either check the bottle or seek out advice should you be allergic or need to avoid certain ingredients.

Does Vaping Cause You To Put On Extra Weight?

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So far there is no evidence that smoking e liquids for vaping can cause anyone to gain extra weight.

There is however evidence that vaping can help you lose weight, much like smoking cigarettes can by keeping you filled up for longer and eating less food than you normally would. So vaping alongside a healthy diet can in fact help you lose weight.

Of course it’s important to maintain a healthy nutritional diet whether you decide to vape or not.

Is It Cheaper to Vape Or Smoke Cigarettes?

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It’s most definitely cheaper to use vaping instead of cigarettes and if you have previously been a smoker you will notice the big difference in your wallet or purse.

In recent years the prices of cigarettes have been going up year after year, due to governments and health officials trying to discourage their population from smoking as it has such a bad effect on the health services.

Vaping meanwhile has stayed the same price over the last few years and is unlikely to see price increases any time soon.

The cost of an average cigarette smoker on a weekly basis will find their money lasts much longer when vaping. Just one more good reason to give up cigarettes and take up vaping instead.

Where Can You Buy E Liquid And Vaping Juice?

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A few years ago you would have to go to a specialised shop to buy your vape juice, but due to its rise in popularity e liquid can now be bought from a wide range of places.

Big supermarket chains alongside small corner shops will now generally stock some kind of e liquid which you can buy.

For more unique and specialised flavours there are literally hundreds of online shops and websites that stock a huge range of different flavours.

Price can vary widely so it’s always a good idea to shop around to find the best prices for the e liquid you are looking for, especially online as there are some great offers to be found.

To Sum Up

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Although inhaling any form of nicotine is bad for your body, vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and nicotine products.

Its growth over the last few years shows that health conscious people are slowly moving towards vaping as a much healthier alternative.

Doctors and medical professionals are even recommending vaping as a good way to try and quit smoking cigarettes for those that are addicted to their dirty habit.

With so many different flavours now being developed for vaping you now no longer need to stick to the boring same old flavours and the fact some are now being developed without any nicotine most definitely make it a much safer past time.