Ever wondered how the public will be consuming marijuana in 2024? Will they smoke it? Drink it? Vape it? Or eat it? There are so many options available. Smoking marijuana is the most traditional and most popular form of consumption globally but as more states start to legalize marijuana, more information is being released and people are starting to understand the health risks associated with combustion. We are starting to see a shift towards vaping and this will not slow down. By 2024, vaping will surpass smoking as the go-to method of consuming marijuana. This is not the only method of consumption though, read on to learn more.

Dry herb vaporizers

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Dry herb vaporizers are devices used for inhaling marijuana and other dry herbs. The device has a chamber where you will stack a small amount of marijuana. You will then turn on the vaporizer, adjust your temperature, inhale and exhale. According to DankStop, vapes allow you to smoke without any worry about your health, and they are often technologically advanced.

Their vaporizer collection features a variety of premium brands that provide a broad selection of vaporizers for multiple materials including dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vapes, dual-use vaporizers, and e-liquid vapes. The main components are the chamber, mouthpiece, battery, and LED screen that lets you see and adjust your temperature. This device is fairly simple to use so you don’t need to be experienced to vape. Once you get into it, you will notice many benefits including:

  • Fewer health risks because vapor is produced instead of smoke.
  • Less smoke and smell making this device more discreet.
  • Portable and convenient allowing you to smoke on the go.
  • Uses less weed because of the small chamber.
  • Controlled temperature means a personalized experience.
  • No combustion means more flavor because of light heating.


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Edibles are another famous consumption method. Any food or drink product that contains cannabis, is considered an edible including ice cream, gummies, candy, and wine. When you consume edibles, you feel the effects after the cannabis enters your body through your digestive system and liver. The result is a stronger and more potent high that lasts for hours. If you are a beginner, you need to avoid consuming too many edibles per session, instead, start with a low amount to assess your tolerance. Even experienced consumers can be easily defeated by the potency of an edible high and if you are careless, you can expect to spend your entire high glued onto the couch or asleep.


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Tinctures are when cannabis has been dissolved in alcohol. The result is a concentrate that you consume orally by placing 3-4 drops of tincture underneath your tongue, allowing it to sit for a few moments, and then swallowing. You will feel the effects within minutes and this method is popular amongst medical marijuana patients who often use this method to consume CBD. Before consuming tinctures, do your research and consult your healthcare provider. Apart from that, anyone can consume tinctures. This method is very discreet.

Dab rigs

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Bad rigs are water filtration devices that use wax instead of dry herbs. There are many components of a dab rig and this device does lean on the more expensive side however, it is healthier than traditional smoking because it creates vapor, not smoke. The result of this is a more potent and stronger high. To consume with this device, you will need to fill the chamber with water, season the dab nail, prep your dab, heat the nail, put oil on the nail, inhale through your mouthpiece and exhale. The benefit of this method is more potency and many users describe this experience as being much better and more interesting than other consumption methods. The controlled temperature also results in more flavor.


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Bongs are one of the most famous consumption methods and are commonly used amongst stoners. A bong is a water filtration device that is handheld and produces smoke through combustion. To use this device, you will need to fill the bong with water, stack some weed into the chamber, light the weed with a flame, and inhale. As the weed starts to burn, the bong will fill up with smoke and the water will start to bubble. Once the bong completely fills up with smoke, you inhale the smoke slowly and then exhale. Bongs are not portable, however you save a lot of weed and get to invest in a cute device.


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In order to make a good joint, you need the right materials. A rolling paper, some ground marijuana or cannabis flower and a lighter are all you need for this simple project. The first step is to fold your rolling paper into a cone shape and then sprinkle about an inch of pot into the center of the cone. Next, place one finger on top of the pot at one edge of the paper and use your other hand to crumple up that side until it touches your finger. Then do the same thing with another side so that you have three sides pressed together with weed in between them.

Finally, roll up both ends like how you would roll up a piece of sushi so there’s no space left inside and light it. Joints can be rolled with anything from tobacco to cannabis and they allow for quick inhalation. They also have an even distribution of THC that lasts longer than edible marijuana products. They are great if you want to share your experience with friends because it is easy for everyone to take turns hitting it.

This article has been a comprehensive overview of the ways in which people are consuming marijuana by 2024. Whether it’s through vaping, edibles, or traditional smoking methods, there is no shortage of options for getting high. With legalized recreational use on the horizon and more research into medical uses being conducted each day, we can only expect to see an increase in consumption in coming years.