The cannabis market is filled with various strains, and each has a different THC and CBD content, aroma, and flavor. In addition, each features a particular set of effects as well. One of the strain names that can easily catch everyone’s attention is Wedding Cake. At first, you may think that all the hype is about the name, but it is also about the strains’ quality.

Wedding Cake strain, also known as Marijuana Cake, Birthday Cake, and Pink Cookies, is a hybrid with Indica-dominance, created by Seed Junky Genetics. The strain is 60 % indica and 40 % sativa. Some claim the Wedding Cake represents the cross between the famous GSC (aka Girl Scout Cookies) and Cherry Pie. According to Jbeezy, the creator of Wedding Cake, the strain is a Triangle Mints phenotype.


Wedding Cake THC level is at least 25%, and it is one of the most potent strains on the market. Most cannabis beginners may find the potency level to be too strong and intense, which is why it is best to be consumed in moderation.

Everything to know about Wedding Cake weed strain


Below, you can find all important Wedding Cake info and learn more about the strain that’s distinguished by its colorful, large, and curling leaves. The strain comes with certain effects, but it also has its unique smell, terpenes profile, and taste.



There are different effects users can experience with the Wedding Cake cannabis strain. It is because the strain delivers both relaxing and euphoric effects on the smoker’s mind and body. In other words, when smoking, one can feel various effects in a single session.

The high starts pretty quickly, and in the first phase, the consumer may have more intense thoughts and perceiving the surroundings with extra accuracy. The feeling of euphoria can follow. Within an hour, the Indica-dominance of the strain will begin to take effect. Users can feel enjoyable heaviness and warmth that will start spreading through the body. Some may feel extremely uplifted and creative. Many regular users agree it is a perfect strain to unwind after a long day or week.

The strain is pretty potent, which is why all the newbies should start slowly with just a few tokes because that’s all It takes to keep a beginner down. Wedding Cake weed has a relaxing nature. For that reason, it can be an excellent choice for regular smokers with anxiety and depression.


The strain got the name Wedding Cake because of the vanilla cake frosting aroma. However, the sweet scent of vanilla is not something most users will detect, at least not at first. There are notes of earth, dough, and flowers, with a strong hint of citrus. Many could be wondering where the sweetness is? The sugary tones are released when the buds break. The smell of the smoke comes with a flowery base, but the citrusy notes take over relatively quickly.



Terpenes are chemical compounds responsible for aromas and flavors. When it comes to Wedding Cake terpenes profile, it’s pretty interesting. The strain features Mycrene (herbal notes), Caryophyllene (peppery notes), and Limonene (citrus notes).



The strain’s name is super cool, but those who expect the taste to mirror the name may be disappointed. Typically, the smokers that consume Wedding Cake describe its taste as sour, earthy, peppery, and a tiny bit of sweetness. It seems the flavor is nothing like the celebratory dessert, but keep in mind that the taste may vary and depend on the device used for smoking.

Growing information


Many would agree that the growth of Wedding Cake can be particularly challenging. The reason behind it is that the original breeders decided to keep detailed information on the strain’s cultivation for themselves.

For years, the strain was not available for purchase in seeds form, but now these can be found on the market. Still, the best bet is getting a cutting from a mature female plant. Growing the Wedding Cake requires some gardening skills and experience.

Even though there is no information from the original breeders, the strain can be controlled the same way many other hybrids are grown. It can be grown outdoors and indoors.

It would be ideal to do so in an area with average temperatures of 70 degrees F for outdoor growing. The environment must be humid and sunny.  The plant is ready to harvest from late September into October.

Wedding Cake weed strain can grow indoors as well, in which case humidifiers should be adjusted appropriately. The Wedding cake flowering time is around two months.

The appearance of Wedding Cake flowers may vary. It depends mainly on how the plant was cultivated and where. Even though cultivation is tricky, the strain can survive mold, spiders, other insects, damage, and viruses. It can successfully handle changes in weather as well.

Wrapping it up


These days, the cannabis market is filled with so many strain options, but those looking for something with Indica-dominance may consider the Wedding Cake. The strain with a catchy name is one of the most potent ones, with at least 25 % THC. Due to high potency levels, beginner smokers should be extra careful – only several tokens are enough.

The strain features various effects, and users can feel a few with a single session, from intense thoughts to euphoria and complete relaxation of mind and body. Many agree it is an ideal strain to unwind after a long day.

The smell may not be too impressive at first, as many detect mostly earth and flowers mixed with some citrus notes. The sweetness comes to the surface when buds break, while the citrus note becomes dominant pretty quickly in the smell of smoke.  The taste is mainly described as sour, earthy, with a bit of pepper and a touch of sweetness.

The strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors in humid conditions. The cultivation is challenging, but the good thing is that Wedding Cake successfully handles insects, molds, and even weather changes.

Wedding Cake does not taste or smell like a celebratory dessert, but those who tried it will agree it is delightful – after all, who would say no to euphoria and complete relaxation?

All the info about Wedding Cake Strain was taken from Askgrowers.