Using cannabis products of any kind is, for many, still a no-no topic and without any evident reason. It’s about time for the whole world to create a pros and cons list on this topic because cannabis is something that people have used for centuries now, and in certain parts of the world, it’s still considered a medication.

Furthermore, let’s take alcohol as an example as it has done more harm to people than anything else, but beer commercials and ads are still something we can see almost everywhere. Luckily, things are changing, and people are becoming more and more open-minded. That is why today, cannabis oil, for example, is something one can get at a drugstore, and since some states legalized marijuana, we don’t have to go to Amsterdam anymore just to try it.

Legalization also brought many new querries, as there are plenty of products, and one can easily get confused by that vast offer. Among all those products, edibles are perhaps the most popular one, and you probably heard that they are the best way to start your high journey, and yeah, that is true, but still, before doing so, there are a few things you should know about edibles. That is why we created the list of the top five most important tips for beginners so that you will know precisely what to expect and how to prepare yourself.

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Do it with a sober person

If you decided to try edibles for the first time, there is no way to tell how your body will react, so the best idea is to have a sober person around. Even better if that someone, who will act as a clear-headed buddy and provide guidance if necessary, has already tried edibles because they will exactly know what to expect and how to react. Furthermore, they understand what you may do or not, and they know in advance which actions they should take, so it’s good to keep them around.

It is important not to do it alone because of many things, and one of them is definitely some weird ideas that can cross our minds after cannabis consumption, and we need someone to stop us from doing stupid things. Sober buddy can also be of great help if we have some side effects because if we are dealing with them alone and high, we can easily panic.

Eat well

Just imagine being at grandparents’, and you already know how eating is the first and most important thing before doing anything. It gets even more enhanced when someone is about to try edibles for the first time, as just like drinking, it should not be done on an empty stomach. Many people think that it is unnecessary to eat real food before eating edibles because they are actually food, but that’s not the case.

Just like mentioned above, the best way to compare it is with alcohol, and if we forget to eat, we will get drunk much faster and probably have more side effects. If your stomach is full, it will take more time to process them, which will provide better results without nausea and any other unwanted effects. Also, a full stomach will prevent getting too high from a small dose of cannabis, which is not something you want, especially if you are new to all that.

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Take them in a comfortable environment

This is perhaps the obvious one, but it’s of great importance to feel free and comfortable, and there are two main reasons for that. When a person feels comfortable, they can relax and really focus on the journey ahead of them.

The second reason is more about not knowing how your body and mind will react as there is always a chance for a bad trip, so it’s best to try them at home or anywhere else where you feel most relaxed. The calmer you feel, the better the overall experience will be, so if the music is the one that relaxes you the most, just play your favorite tune and enjoy your time.

Drink water, avoid alcohol

Even though it may sound like a great idea to drink some alcohol while eating edibles, the only drink we should use in that situation is water and only water. Yes, some may feel like nothing especially happened and are ok to drink beer or do some shots, but that’s where your sober companion should step in and prevent you from doing such a thing. It’s all about how our body responds to alcohol.

It can cause dehydration, which can be dangerous in a situation when we are high because we can forget to drink water to prevent dehydration. It can also increase the concentration of THC in the blood, which can make us even higher. Because of all that, the best drink to combine with edibles is water. Besides preventing dehydration, water can also prevent many side effects, which will make the whole experience much more pleasant. It can also be helpful if bad trips occur because it makes the digestion process much faster.

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Use a small dose at the beginning

Once you decide to try edibles, keep in mind that it is almost impossible to feel something at the very first moment after consumption, so it is necessary to be patient and wait, and it will happen, believe us, it will. Because of that, it is crucial to start with a small dose for the first time and wait for at least two hours before eating some more.

During that time, our bodies will digest them, and we can expect to feel the full effects after two hours, and we will know do we need a higher dose or it is enough. There are many options for those who try edibles for the first time, from drinks to mints, and it is up to us to choose the best product for us. If you are not sure about the dosage, check and find the accurate dose for you since it is one of the most significant things to enjoy edibles in the right way.