Cannabis gives you comfort and relaxation.  Regardless of the location, whether be at home, inside the card or even talking makes you smell the cannabis. No, you are not high. That’s the truth you have to weed out.

Cannabis smokers come in different shapes and stories. You may meet some newbies, professionals, med-heads, recreational, or straight-up stoners. Despite the difference in walks of life and preferences, these people have one thing in common: getting rid of the cannabis smell.

Dried cannabis, when smoked, releases terpenes, that’s the familiar odor that you can smell in your surroundings when you are smoking weed. The smell clings to all types of fabric and fibers. As a responsible cannabis user, you consider that its smell might not be what everyone enjoys.

Now, it’s time to freshen your clothes and eliminate this odor.

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Simple Ways to Remove Cannabis Odor

You can easily buy an odor-reducing product in the store. Although some of them work well, some don’t. Instead of trial and error on several products, we have gathered simple ways to remove cannabis odor without purchasing unnecessary products.

Bring it to the Nearest Laundromat

If you do not want to risk your favorite clothes, you need a designated smoking outfit. You would not mind having this outfit smells like weed or not. Moreover, your smoking outfit has to be thoroughly cleaned. You can bring it to a laundry expert like Liox to handle it.

But, if you can think you can do it, use any of these methods below.

Use Laundry Detergent

It is quite obvious; you cannot wash your clothes without a laundry detergent. The surfactants or surface-active agents clean the clothes. You simply put the laundry detergent in water and let it do its cleaning on the clothes. After one wash cycle, you can rinse the soap suds away.

However, what if this method is not enough? Don’t worry; there is more you can do. You can add the following ways:

Baking Soda

Before using the baking soda method, you have to remember that it is only a good option for durable and resistant fabric. Applying baking soda to delicate fabrics may damage your favorite clothes.

Mix the baking soda with water and soak your clothes. Let it sit for a few minutes before washing them in the washer. The molecules responsible for the smell break down.

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Distilled White Vinegar

If you are an athlete or used to washing clothes drenched with sweat, you might already know the wonders of using distilled vinegar. Distilled vinegar is the most common household acid for cleaning solutions.

A mix of hot water, laundry detergent, and distilled white vinegar do the trick. The laundry detergent cleans the cloth, while the acetic acid from white vinegar removes the lingering odor of the cannabis.

You have to clean the clothes with the laundry detergent before soaking them with vinegar. Do not forget to read the wash label on your clothes to prevent your favorite clothes from shrinking.

Air Dry

Instead of using dryer machines, we prefer air drying your clothes. The heat from the dryer might cause certain chemicals to bond on the fabric. Do you remember accidentally tossing a stained shirt into the dryer, and the stain became permanent? That’s what will happen.

Although some dryers offer low-temperature heat, nothing compares to the optimum result of drying your clothes from the outdoor air. Thus, the best method is to hang the clothes and let them air dry instead of using the dryer or putting it under the sun.

Other than being worried about your shirt smelling weed, you should also worry about your breath. You might not notice the faint smell of weed from your breath. But, noticeable or not, you should chew mint-flavored gum to get rid of the smell.

Do not forget to brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash to remove the smell. Now, aside from knowing how to remove, why not know how to prevent having the lingering smell of cannabis?

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Donate the Clothes

If the cannabis smell is completely gone, but you do not like to use the clothes anymore, you can donate them. Although this method is not for removing or preventing cannabis use, you can possibly do it instead of throwing your clothes.

All of these methods work. You only have to choose what’s best for you to follow. It is understandable that it is challenging to get rid of the smell.

Prevention is Better

Prevention is always better than cure.

Now, you are busy trying all these methods to remove the cannabis smell. But, you should be aware that you can prevent this from happening. How? Preparing your room before smoking weed.

If you are not fond of smoking in the fresh air, you can take some preventive steps to cover up the cannabis odor that lingers on your clothes and in the room.

You can use good airflow by keeping the window open or spraying the room after you smoke. It minimizes the cannabis smell inside your room. A better preventive option is having an air purifier. It reduces the intense smell of the weed.

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Body Spray and Perfume

Perfumes and body sprays have a distinct scent that could cover up the cannabis smell on your clothes. So, after smoking, spritz a small amount of fragrance on your outfit to cover the smell.

However, do not weigh too much body spray or perfume. If you are aware, some people are irritated with the scent. Thus, choose a mild natural scent.

But, if you forgot to do these preventive measures, you should stick to how to laundry your shirt after smoking cannabis.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried using cannabis, visit Canada, the Netherlands, or any state in the United States with relaxed laws of marijuana. We do not suggest smoking weed illegally. Our suggestion of getting rid of the cannabis smell is to simply free yourself or your home from the identifying odor.