The industry of CBD products became huge in recent years, especially after many states legalized marijuana, CBD, and hemp products. Today, you can choose from a wide selection of various CBD products like vapes, tablets, oil, edibles, and many more. According to many experts, there are significant benefits of using CBD for your health. The internet is full of online stores where you can buy these products. We advise you to choose CBD made from hemp on an organic farm.

On the other side, since cryptocurrencies also became popular and widely used, many people are wondering if there is a possibility to buy CBD products with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptos. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency, already accepted all across the world as a standard way of payment. You can visit to check the full list of shops and services that accepts Bitcoin.

When it comes to buying CBD with cryptocurrencies, many stores provide us with that ability. The benefits of paying and selling products with Bitcoin and similar virtual assets is that you have to pay much smaller fees than with usual bank account. Therefore, many online stores are offering you a discount on their goods when you choose to pay with crypto. You can always choose to exchange your digital currencies and pay for CBD with cash. However, it is much better if the store accepts crypto as a way of payment. Here are some of the best stores that accept this method of payment.



Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers, and there are many sellers of CBD products. While sellers usually won’t accept trade with cryptocurrencies on Amazon, you can choose to buy gift cards and use them to buy CBD. There are some websites where you can buy those gift cards that also accept cryptocurrencies, and some of the best are Gyft, CoinCards, eGifter, and Paxful. However, you have to know that Amazon still does not accept digital currencies, and buying those gift cards can be too complicated sometimes. Because of that, the best option would be to find an online store that is selling CBD and accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.



Endoca is a Danish company founded 10 years ago and represents one of the first brands that started selling hemp products online. This company is known for its high-quality products made from organic hemp. Some of the best products they are selling are raw CBD oil, capsules, cream, and balm. Also, this company is one of the first that started accepting digital currencies as well.

Bluebird Botanicals


This company is one of the most popular CBD retailers currently, especially because they accept more than 70 different cryptocurrencies. Also, you will get a discount of 20 percent if you choose to pay with your e-wallet. Another benefit of choosing this store is that they have improved the user interface and it is very easy to select which type of crypto you want to use during the trade. Bluebirds Botanicals implemented the ShapeShift system, which is a popular online exchange of digital currencies. The process of buying is simplified and you will have to select only a few options before payment is over.

Pharma Hemp


This is another European company known for high-quality products made from hemp grown on organic farms. Pharma Hemp accepts Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. However, there is no discount when you choose to pay with cryptocurrencies, but there is a possibility to get various coupons if you are a loyal customer. Some of the best products they are selling are paste, drops, extracts, balm, cream, and many other products for intimate care, vape, and pets.

Diamond Venom


Diamond Venom is offering exclusive products made of full-spectrum CBD that is organic and without gluten and other additives that we can find in cheaper products. Also, you will get a 2.65$ discount when you pay with Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies they accept. The most popular CBD products from this company are vape flavor, mint oil, fruit gummies, and vape oil with berry flavor.



Calypso is selling a wide range of CBD products that are sharing high-quality. The oil is extracted from hemp grown on an organic farm. This company also accepts Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. Also, during the buying process, you will need to create an account on their website, but the process is quite simple. They do not offer any sort of discount when you pay with digital currencies, but their products are affordable considering the quality. Their wide range of products is known for high-quality hemp flowers, CBD capsules, isolate, soft gel, oil tincture, salve, balm, cream, and even pet food and treatment.

Vape Run


Vape Run is an online store specialized for CBD products, and they are one of the best stores with the widest range of different products. If you buy products for 70$ or more, you can expect the delivery on the same day, while they will charge you shipping for smaller amounts. Besides standard CBD products, you can also buy desserts, beverages, fruits, cigarettes, and various accessories. They are selling dessert creams rich with cannabidiol, lemonade, Champaign, and cola, also flavored with CBD. Furthermore, you can buy all sorts of vaping oils and cigarettes with CBD, and all kinds of other products.

The Bottom Line

We only selected some of the most popular online stores that accept Bitcoin and other cryptos, but there are also many other retailers with this option. Also, with the rise in popularity of both the hemp industry and cryptocurrencies, we can expect that soon, most of the online stores will have the ability to accept a modern type of payment with e-wallet.

However, it is always important to choose only companies that are known for selling high-quality products without additives and GMOs, which can be harmful to your health. Also, if you live in a country that CBD is still forbidden, we advise you to avoid buying any products unless you visit some state where hemp is legal.