You probably have noticed how these last few years CBD has become quite a trend around the world and for a good reason. It delivers so many health benefits to the people using it, it is cheaper than some prescription drugs and there are no dangerous side effects which is always a plus. You can find products infused with CBD everywhere you go. You can find it non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, in energy drinks, chocolate, tinctures, and many other places.

Recently, CBD has started to spread its effectiveness in the beauty and skincare industry too. You might be wondering how can oil derived from the cannabis plant that is used for anxiety and chronic pain also be used for skin care. We admit the idea behind it is definitely a bit weird, but once you experience the effects of cannabidiol, everything will become crispy clear.

If you are still unsure about CBD then you should know that it is estimated the CBD cosmetics market is estimated to be worth nearly 2 billion dollars in 2025. In 2019 it was valued just around $600 million which is quite a lot once you consider the age of this industry.

Before we get into these cosmetics products, we should first explain what CBD actually is.



If you haven’t already made the connection, CBD is an abbreviation of the chemical compound found in the cannabis plant named cannabidiol. There are hundreds of different chemical compounds found in this plant, but the two most important and most effective ones are THC and CBD. Don’t worry, even though CBD comes from the same plant as THC, it has a much different effect than this compound that can get you “high”. Cannabidiol does not have any psychoactive effects, unlike THC.

We have found hundreds of uses that can help with mental diseases such as severe anxiety and depression, chronic pain and inflammation, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, sleeplessness and a bunch of other problems that many people are faced with on a daily basis.

Why should I use this on my skin?


Yes, it is obviously healthy for the body, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also good for one’s skin, right? Yes, that’s a very good observation and this kind of critical thinking is what can keep you healthy throughout your life. But, do not worry. Cannabidiol has been proven to have healing properties outside of the body too. Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, people can use it to heal blemishes, dryness, redness, and inflammation. Some people claim that it even helps with acne. If you need this kind of healing benefits in your life then you should visit CanaBD to see their offer of CBD cosmetics.

Helps with Eczema


Dermatitis, more commonly known as eczema is a disease that leads to inflammation of the skin which can lead to more serious rashes and frustrating itchiness. This kind of problem usually arises during childhood, but it could also appear on young and older adults too. If the eczema is not properly treated, it may develop into blisters which can cause permanent damage to the skin.

However, using regular moisturizers or steroid creams prescribed by doctors are not always as effective as one would want. Fortunately, CBD skincare products have been proven to have quite an effect on Eczema and psoriasis too. So, if you have had problems with Dermatitis previously in life, make sure you have a bottle of CBD cream in your home in case it ever comes back.

Is it safe?


The entire CBD industry is still very young which means that the proper testing still hasn’t been done by scientists and companies. We still aren’t sure about all of its benefits and its side-effects, but the composition of this chemical compound shows us that there isn’t anything that can be too harmful to the human body. The worst-case scenario of using this kind of cream is that it might cause a bit of redness and nothing more.

Experts claim that even if you do experience redness or itchiness, it might be because of the brand’s use of ingredients and not necessarily from the chemical compound from the cannabis plant.

In four or five years in the future, we will see a lot of positive research that will explain all of the benefits of Cannabidiol.

How do I choose the right products?


Depending on the brand’s licensing, you can find products that claim full-spectrum CBD which means that it contains almost every single chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. So, if you are unsure about the traces THC found in full-spectrum CBD, you should avoid it. If you don’t mind it, then why not try it out?

Other brands offer products with broad-spectrum CBD which means that most of the main cannabinoids from the cannabis plant have been used but without any THC.

The last option is to look for cosmetic products that come with a CBD isolate. To put it simply, the CBD oil used in it doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids and certainly no THC. We believe that this pure form of cannabidiol might be the best option for treating skin. It will be easily absorbed by the pores and it won’t clog them and all the healthy ingredients in it will keep your skin fresh.

Make sure that you read up on the brand you are buying from since there are a lot of companies out there that are selling CBD products with minimal traces of the chemical compound. They might claim they use 100% CBD isolate, but in reality, they might be using one with just a few percent of CBD.

Is it legal?


Many people wonder whether the consumption of this kind of product is legal. In almost every country in the world and state in the United States, the consumption of CBD oil is completely legal. The only thing that might be regulated is the use of CBD in food, but buying cosmetics is completely safe.