Since the legalization of weed, many products have surfaced and gained popularity. Among these products are pet treatments. To treat a variety of medical ailments and health issues, dogs can be given CBD oil. Even though many pet owners were against the use of Cannabinoid pet treats, many have changed their minds and it’s now a common product at veterinary hospitals and online cannabis dispensaries.

Purpose of CBD Oil For Pets


Cannabinoids, cannabis, hemp, and marijuana still have a lot of research to go under. But one thing that many studies have shown is that it truly has natural healing powers. Some supplements are specifically designed to treat anxiety, seizures, arthritis, and chronic pain.

Although it has been tested on many humans with great results, pet testing hasn’t been so thorough, especially when detecting the safety and efficiency of the oil.

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There are risks involved when you give CBD oil and its products to your pet. If you don’t follow recommended dosage guides, your pet will suffer some health issues or it may die due to inappropriate dose. That is why it’s so important that you are aware of the potential risks associated with the overconsumption or wrong dosage of hemp products.

What is the difference between cannabis and CBD oil?


Users should always remember that the product that can be sold at veterinary hospitals and online dispensaries has to be approved by the FDA or their local departments for health and drugs, depending on the country they live in. These products need to follow specific guidelines to ensure the safety of their users, never mind humans or animals.

The biggest difference between the two products is that cannabis oil has a higher THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) consistency than cannabidiol. THC is the component that activates the plant’s psychogenic effects that causes a state of body and mind known as ‘high’. One doggy treatment dose should only contain between 2.5-5 milligrams of THC. However, some treats can contain even higher concentrations, and that is why you need to be careful when buying and giving these types of supplements and food additions.

When a pet digest a high level of THC the consequences sometimes can be really dangerous for their general health condition. That can happen even when your pet eats a small dose of treatment that contains THC. So, you need to follow your veterinary doctor’s guides and don’t experiment with your pet’s life.

Products found on online dispensaries like Holistapet have a guaranteed no-THC and non-psychoactive CBD oil product. Products without any trace of THC is a much better choice for your furry friend, and even then, you should be very careful and follow the pet, so you can react quickly if some side effects are shown. Just like humans, every dog is different and their bodies can easily or harder digest different types of supplements and treats.

What potential risks are involved?


As we said, you need to give your pet a proper dose of the CBD treatment, following the guidelines and instructions. In an unfortunate case where your canine has digested too many CBD oil treats, they might experience some of the following:

  • Lethargy: In the same way that a ‘high’ psychoactive effect will have on a human, it’s the same with your pup. Your dog will be sleepy and tired, with no wish to play with you or to go out. When your pet’s sleeping pattern drastically changes, or when they seem to be passed out for long periods, you need to consult a vet, so you can see what are you doing wrong.

When used in the right dose CBD oil should increase your canine’s energy, not reduce it and make it look sick and tired.

  • Vomiting: Just like with any overdose, your digestive system will try to get rid of every toxin that entered your body. When your canine vomits after eating some CBD oil treats, it might mean that the dosage is wrong. You need to call your vet immediately, especially when the vomiting continues and your pet looks tired and dehydrated.
  • Irregular Urine Pattern: Most dogs have a simple routine when it comes to toilet time. When your canine starts showing strange urinary patterns or even being unable to control their bladder, then something is wrong with them.

When you start the treatment with CBD oil products, make sure that you are extra aware of your pet’s hygiene habits and overall behavior, to detect something irregular in their routine pattern.

  • Sensitive Skin: Your dog usually loves it when your pet and rub them all over their bodies. Perhaps after digesting too many hemp treats, they will show signs of excessive physical sensitivity and may want to avoid any touching and petting.

Too much THC will cause hyperesthesia, and even the mildest can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful for a dog.

  • Low blood pressure: When you give an inappropriate dose to your puppy, it may cause low blood pressure. This condition is, luckily, temporary, and your dog will be back to normal after they drink enough water and eat their meal.
  • Passing Out:  Many owners have reported that their dogs, once digesting too many CBD oil products, become lethargic and melancholic. They don’t react to your voice and avoid every possible contact, stay passive for a long time, or sleep too long. Sometimes they may have problems with breathing, walking and can feel disoriented in the room.

Luckily, many of the side effects can be treated by a licensed veterinary practitioner. By treating the symptoms with proper medications, your pet will soon feel and look better. In not that serious cases, followed by mild symptoms, owners can treat them at home, after consulting a vet.

In serious cases, canines might have to undergo medical treatment at the vet’s hospital, which may include treatments such as IV fluid, nursing care, hypothermic care, and antiemetic.

CBD oil supplements for pets aren’t sold in stores and markets for a specific reason. It’s important that you stay aware of the risks and strictly follow the recommended dosage for your pet. Never try to self-medicate your four-legged friend and always consult a licensed practitioner. Follow their instructions and advice, and don’t try to increase or decrease the recommended dose.

When you do, your pet won’t experience any bad and negative effects and you will make sure that they are happy and healthy.

What conditions can be treated with hemp products?


Every pet owner wants the best for their furry friend. No one wants to do something bad to them or to kill it on purpose. But, accidents can always happen when we aren’t careful and don’t listen to the vet’s recommendations.

Some evidence shows that CBD products can successfully treat seizures and neuropathic pains, but they also have anti-inflammatory features and can stimulate the appetite. When your dog suffers nausea and vomiting, a proper dose of hemp supplement can ease the symptoms. Hopefully, the researches will soon have strong proof that CBD can be used for a wide range of veterinary diseases, as a natural and safe treatment.

When your vet recommends you hemp products as a treatment, you need to look for organic oil that doesn’t contain pesticides. Don’t try to buy cheap products, because they might not respect all the standards of producing or oil can have additives that may worsen your canine’s health condition. Ask for a proper certificate for high-quality production. Sometimes it’s better to buy oil drops and to mix them with their food.

Your pet is your responsibility and you should take care of them properly. It’s an alive being and you should never experiment with their health and well-being. If you decide to use CBD treatment, follow the reactions, so you can eventually save your pet from long-term damage or even death.