In the last 2 decades, the world has changed a lot. We got many amazing inventions and a couple of new industries. Yet, two industries are still controversial among people – the CBD industry and Crypto Industry.

The CBD industry is something we will analyze here. Many countries in the world legalized CBD-based products because their positive effects are scientifically proven. Indeed, there are many things that we still have to find out.

A lot of people started using different CBD products for different purposes. Still, a certain group of people is skeptical about this subject. The main reason why we have this scenario is the lack of information and education. Because of that, we suggest you get familiar with this subject before making any conclusions.

Hemp-derived CBD is an ingredient that you can find in different products. Some of the most popular ones are CBD tinctures, oils, edibles, beauty products, etc. All these products you can use for different health issues. However, it is important to know how to store them properly and use the benefits that CBD brings to our lives.

There is a good reason why we are telling you this. As you know, CBD is a plant-based substance and it can deteriorate and break down over time. Despite that, thanks to the development of Internet technology, these products are now available online. Every person that has a stable Wi-Fi connection can order them from the comfort of their room.  You can check out Sarahsblessing and see which types of CBD products are available to you.

Now when we made things clear, let’s see together how to properly store your CBD products.

 Avoid Storing CBD Products On Direct Light


It doesn’t matter which type of product you plan to get. All the CBD-based products come in a package designed to provide protection from light damage. Many people do not truly think about finding the right place for this sort of product. Because of that, it might happen they place it near home windows and expose them to direct sunlight. If you do something like that, the CBD content will probably degrade.

Every user should strive to store products in places where it is dark, cool, and dry. The effectiveness of oils, tinctures, and other products will remain under these conditions. To make things even more effective, you can use aluminum foil to wrap the products and ensure their safeness.

 All CBD Products Need to be Away from Heat


High temperature is another thing that all users should avoid. Striving to pick the right temperature for CBD products is an even more important thing. As you already said, CBD is a plant-based ingredient. Because of that, purity is not something that is 100% guaranteed. There are current minerals in the CBD oil that can negatively react to the high temperature. For instance, the oil might become murky and buttery if you place them in places with extreme heat.

Because of that, there are some additional pieces of advice that we would want to give you. Once again, do not store the products near the windows because of the sunlight. The CBD mustn’t be near range, oven, or stove where the temperature is higher. If you plan to bring the products together with you, do not leave them in the car. Keep in mind that the car is one huge oven during the summer and spring days.

Things become a bit more complicated for people that live in places with a hot climate. In that case, your house would need to have air conditioning that regulates temperature. However, many people are not willing to make that sort of investment. Because of that, you need to find the coldest place in your home to place this sort of product. Many people would decide to store them in their freezer. Yet, this place can only be used as a long-term solution. But, it is important to consult with your supplier and see if the current product contains a botanical blend. In most cases, the botanical blend is not going to react well on extreme cold.

Don’t Expose CBD to Air


We assume that you are getting confused now because picking the right place to store CBD products seems impossible. Yet, these are things that every user has to respect. Exposure to air will also degrade the CBD content and reduce its effectiveness. Have you ever heard about the oxidative stress process? If something like this happens to your product, the oxygen will alter the chemical balance of CBD oil.

You probably understand now better why products usually come in oral applicators and airtight bottles. It is recommendable that you keep the CBD products in its original package. This is something that will ensure quality. If you need to transfer the CBD to another place, ensure that a new container comes with the same features.

Is Refrigerator a Good Place?


Let’s once again repeat everything we learned until now. The most vital elements to properly store your products are dark, cool, and sealed places. Ensuring a cold place usually is tough. Because of that, the refrigerator can be a good choice when we talk about temperature control. However, do not store them there for a longer period. For something like that, it is better to use a freezer.

Still, there is one thing that we need to say. Keep in mind that most of the extracts in these products are processed with a carrier oil. Because of that, the oil sometimes thickens and solidifies. Turning oil back to the original consistency is possible by running the bottler under hot water.

Bonus Tip: Different Conditions for Different CBD Products


Three elements that we talked about count for all sorts of CBD products. Yet, different places are suitable for current products. For instance, the dark cabinet would be the perfect choice for placing CBD Oil. On the other hand, CBD edibles should be stored in a freezer. People mostly use them on a long-term basis and the freezer is a long-term solution. Finally, CBD tinctures have different requirements. You should primarily store them in an amber or blue dropper bottle. After you do that, put them in a freezer or refrigerator.