CBD industry is starting to improve in the entire world. Indeed, you will find a lot of countries that are still not recognizing CBD as medicine. Despite that, it is not important if the law legalizes it or not. You will also find a group of people that is skeptical about this subject.

Things are even silly in some moments. Some people believe that CBD is a narcotic. People that are familiar with this subject probably laugh about this. Believe it or not, one of the benefits of CBD is to solve the drug addiction of people. However, the reason why people think this is because they mix CBD with THC. Using CBD is not going to make you “high”. Of course, it will relax you, but it won’t have any “unusual” influence on you.

Anyway, Switzerland is one of the countries well this industry is developing rapidly as well. Some economic experts believe that the value of this industry is going to be 320 million CHF by 2027. If the popularity continues to grow in the same manner, the results might be even better. They even started to modernize the purchasing/selling of CBD products. Because of that, you can find many websites like cbdking.ch that are offering CBD products online. You might want to check and see which options you have.

Anyway, did you know that Switzerland has the CBD hub of Europe? Yes, this is the right country to go and get familiar with this subject. However, this did not happen because of any specific reason. There are a couple of them that caused this sort of situation.

Let’s find them out together.

Medical Cannabis Will Come Soon

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As we said, CBD can bring many benefits to people’s lives. However, medical cannabis is not fully deployed in this country. There are signs that something like this will happen in the future. However, the citizens of this country will have to be patient and wait for a formal medical cannabis program.

The big change has happened during July 2011. In that month, the law around medical cannabis has changed. The doctors have the right to prescribe CBD. However, they can only do that if the patient has a special permit. This permission people can only get from the Federal Office of Public Health. Without that “document”, they won’t have any chance to get it (legally).

Still, it seems that the Swiss government is going to change some things soon.

Bigger Permissions for Hemp Cultivation

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It will sound silly, but in many countries, the production of hemp is not completely legalized. Even if it is, you will have to get a license to do that. The legalization of hemp production happened 4 years ago in Switzerland. In theory, every person that comes here has the full right to have a CBD Hemp plant at home. However, the plant mustn’t contain more than 1% of THC. In that case, the need for a license does not exist.

The good thing for foreign companies is that they can also come here and get involved in the European hemp market. Yet, they will have to go through all the necessary steps to set up this type of business. Still, avoiding the cultivation license, you will save a lot of your time. Getting this type of license in some other countries will probably take you more than a month. You would have to go through some strict controls. Keep in mind that THC is also involved here. Indeed, the CBD products contain small amounts of it, but some people can take advantage of that.

You Have the Option to Buy Different CBD Products

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As we previously said, all the CBD products are legal until they contain more than 1% of THC. Still, there are some requirements that people also need to meet. You will have to be older than 18 to buy the available products in the stores in the country.

Purchasing these products is easy. We previously provided you with a link where you can buy these products online as well. However, this is not the only option that you have. You can also buy it in private kiosks, petrol stations, some markets, and convenience stores. Do not buy it from people on the streets because no one guarantees that these products meet the requirements. You might break the law without even knowing that you are doing that.

The good thing is that suppliers offer a wide range of options. You can find CBD in different types of products. For example, you can find it in the form of oil, cosmetics, food supplements, capsules, etc. However, it seems that one of the most popular products is CBD cigarettes. People can sit in a café, drink coffee, and smoke a CBD cigarette. This is probably the most entertaining way to contain this type of product.

Perspective Industry

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Okay, let talk business a little. Logically, the hemp industry is attractive to people around the world. Many benefits of this product are already scientifically proven and many of them will be in the future. Because of that, different groups of people are consuming them for different purposes.

The strongest hemp market in the world is American. Believe it or not, many experts believe that the value of this industry will grow to 2.1 billion dollars by the end of this year. If CBD becomes legalized in all parts of the world, we can’t even imagine the value of this industry.

In this country, CBD is still a young “invention”. However, we already mentioned that many experts believe this is one of the more prospective industries. The things around licenses made this industry more attractive to local and foreign companies. Despite that, keep in mind that Switzerland has only 8.4 million citizens. The United States of America has around 33 million people. When you compare the “Money per Capita” factor, Switzerland is already 5 times stronger than the US.

So, if you are planning to start a business, this might be an opportunity that you should use.


In the “conclusion part” we need to say that concluding something about CBD without proper education is impossible. Because of that, we have a lot of people believing that this product is some sort of drug. It doesn’t matter if you plan to run a business or you want to consume it as medicine. Educate yourself and find out all the benefits that you can get. You will start looking at this from a different perspective.