Although a lot of people don’t know this, kratom is becoming increasingly popular every day, mostly because of the efforts kratom advocates make. Because of this, a wide range of researches and studies were conducted, all of which shed some light on this previously unknown plant.

And, if you also recently found out more about the benefits this herb can provide you with, you are probably wondering – what are the top strains in Southeast Asia, and is it legal? Luckily, the article below will provide you with an answer to this question. Let’s first look at the best types out there:

The Top Strains in Southeast Asia

In general, there are 3 main varieties of the herb – the red, white, and green vein plants. But, these 3 types are further divided into sub-categories, which means that there are various kinds that you could opt for purchasing, all of which have different properties. Some of the most common and loved ones in Southeast Asia are:

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  1. “Malay”

There is a reason why this type takes the first place on this list – it’s probably the most famous strains out there. It comes from Malaysia and it’s also commonly referred to as ‘keetum’ by the locals. Each of the leaves contains an important alkaloid called ‘mitragynine’ and the bigger they are, the percentage of the substance is higher as well.

Now, remember, it’s very potent, hence when you’re just starting out, begin taking a smaller dosage and then increase it over time. Consuming this particular type will help you with boosting your energy throughout the day and it can also help you with relaxing your muscles, which means that it could also help people that have sleeping conditions such as insomnia.

  1. “Bali”

Next on our list comes the beautiful Bali strain that got its name after the Indonesian region of Bali. However, this is not where it comes from, it’s actually cultivated in the jungles of Borneo. The soil where it’s grown plays an important role in the quality of the product, which is why they’re traditionally grown in the jungle.

What can it help you with? Well, like almost every, other type out there, it’ll certainly help your body relax. However, besides this, it is quite effective in alleviating pain and inflammation. Additionally, if you’re experiencing a bad day, you could utilize it for improving your mood.

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  1. “Maeng Da”

The source of this distinct strain is Thailand, which is why a lot of people also refer to it as “Thai”. However, since it’s the most loved and consumed type out there, it’s now grown and produced in various countries. According to the experts from Mitra Genie Kratom, when compared with some other types on the market, Maeng Da is extremely high in quality and potency.

If you often suffer from headaches, Maeng Da could aid with alleviating the pain. But, it’s also extremely useful for battling mental illnesses like depression, you could utilize it for improving your awareness and motivation, and it’s very beneficial when it comes to reducing tension and anxiety.

  1. “Vietnam”

Now, you should know that this substance is prohibited in Vietnam and some other countries mentioned in this article, hence, if you find a vendor that is selling these products, they’re probably dishonest about them. Also, if you see that a store doesn’t sell a specific product, it’s because they’re not available on the market. Nonetheless, this tree can be found all over Vietnam, which is why it carries the nation’s name.

The most loved benefit of this type is that can easily improve your energy throughout the day, hence, most people actually choose this product. Also, if you have to clear your head and focus on some tasks that you must complete, this type could assist you with that as well.

The Legitimacy of The Plant

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When talking about America, the substance isn’t really federally regulated. But, since it’s technically allowed at the federal level, some cities opted for banning it, including Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Alabama, Arkansas, and Rhode Island. For the rest of the nation, it’s constitutional to buy, consume, and possess the substance, however, there might be some restrictions such as age restrictions.

This is why you have to guarantee that you could, in fact, lawfully obtain it. Luckily, there are various websites that you could utilize for checking whether or not you could buy and use it, hence, before finding a store and ordering your capsules or powder, assure that you do some digging.

For the rest of the globe, the legitimacy of the substance will depend on each country. Currently, there are 18 countries that entirely outlawed it including Malaysia, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Poland, Russia, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, and so on.

In nations such as Italy, the UK, as well as Ireland the legislation and regulations do vary from one town to the next, which is why you’ll need to do your research. Additionally, it’s also worth mentioning that the constitutional status of the substance is unknown in some areas of the world mostly in African countries and China.

The European countries such as The Netherlands and The Czech Republic are the most open in the EU and you can find a large number of kratom strains sold here. No matter in which part of the EU you live, you can order them from here.

Some nations – such as Thailand – started reconsidering the constitutional status of this substance, hence, it might not remain banned for purchasing or using for very long. Nonetheless, since there is more information on this plant now, more and more countries decide not to ban people from using it.



By now, you know that there is a wide spectrum of kratom classes that are available on the market. Naturally, each of them will help you with relaxing the body, however, each of them has different properties, which is why you must properly do your research in order to learn which product might be suitable for you.

Hence, now that you’re aware of all the types you could obtain and all the advantages you could gain from each of them, you might not want to waste any more of your time. Instead, you may want to open up your browser, check if you could legally buy it, and if so, start searching for an online store that will provide you with what you need.