In the past, marijuana was illegal in all states of America, however, you might have heard the news that it is now legal in 11 US states. Now, people can grow across the country, as well as consume it in different ways including CBD oil.


You might be wondering, what is there a big difference between different extracts of cannabis, as well as are some of the more legal than the others? Short answer – yes, there is a difference. And if your job position requires regular drug checkups, make sure that you know the difference. Before talking about CBD oil and drug tests, let’s first take a look at some terms that you will be able to find in this article:

The Terms

  1. CBD – is an abbreviation of Cannabidiol which can be found in industrial hemp and marijuana. It is a substance that occurs naturally and it does not have any mind-altering effect, hence, you cannot really get high from it, but you can use it for other health benefits, like reducing pain, inflammation, as well as for anxiety.
  2. THC – is an abbreviation of Tetrahydrocannabinol which can be found in marijuana. This is what actually causes the mind-altering effect that people feel when using marijuana. It has helped millions of people with alleviating health problems, and other things as well.
  3. Cannabis – is another synonym for what we know as weed, hemp, and marijuana. Keep in mind that marijuana and hemp come from the same species, but they are different plants.
  4. Industrial Hemp – if the cannabis crop has less than 0.3 THC present, it is defined as industrial hemp. It is used for CBD oils, as well as other things like making clothes, plastics, and protein powder.

CBD Oil and Drug Tests


If you use CBD oil and have regular drug tests at work, you might want to consider what kind of oil you are ingesting. According to the experts from, if you are only using CBD oil, it should not report a positive trace of the marijuana metabolite. However, if the oil you are using contains THC at high levels, it is quite possible that it will show up on your test results. Keep in mind that the labels do not tell you the whole story. Although some packaging can claim that there is no THC in the oil or that there is some, but below the traceable levels, they might contain just enough to be detected during the test. Also, the CBD oils sold in the states where marijuana is legalized might have been manufactured and processed in a marijuana plant, hence, it might have higher THC levels.



If you are consuming CBD oil, you should ensure that you have read your company’s substance abuse policy in detail in order to learn what their position is on CBD products. Also, you should keep in mind that not all businesses will stay up-to-date with marijuana laws and regulations, hence if it is okay in one company, that does not mean that your employers will be okay with it and that is why it is important for you to read the policy in your company. It is always better for you to stay safe, then be sorry later on.