CBD is a substance of Cannabis that is well-known amongst marijuana users. Although CBD and THC are inherently different, they make a large portion of your average bud.

Various strains have different ratios of THC and CBD, with some as high as 100:1.

But as the United States slowly legalizes marijuana across every state, people familiarize more with the effects of CBD. Formally known as Cannabidiol, CBD is a substance that doesn’t have any mind-altering effects when consumed.

It is mostly consumed orally in the form of oil but can be also consumed in many other ways and through different means. Other popular forms include food in the form of gummy bears, as tongue spray, capsules, and even vapes.

CBD is mostly consumed with 0 trace amounts of THC, but there are special instances where you get a healthy mix.

With all that said, we haven’t even spoken about the health benefits of using it. And for the sake of it, we are going to explore the health benefits of using CBD oil without any THC.

1. Anxiety

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According to many studies and researches over the years, it has been revealed that CBD oil can help reduce anxiety. These researches can be found across dozens of scientific and medical journals, and the effects are quite clear and obvious.

This is probably because our brain has receptors that can intercept both CBD and THC substances. While it cannot cure anxiety indefinitely, it can mild the effects and even battle some anxiety disorders. But studies have shown that using higher dosages will not work as efficiently as using lower dosages.

2. Nerve Pain

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It’s a well-known fact that people who suffer from various pain conditions are prescribed medicinal marijuana as a means to treat and cure those said diseases.

Well, as it stands out, this is partially due to cannabidiol. Nerve pain is very frequent amongst Americans, and chronic conditions can make a person’s life very sufferable.

In a 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, an experiment was conducted on rats that were suffering from various nerve pain conditions.

Those that were injected with cannabidiol showed very positive reactions to the medicine. And while human testing is still lacking in the field, experts are contributing the success down to cannabidiol.

3. Heath Benefits

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The hearth is the most important organ we have, and it turns out CBD oil can be very beneficial for it.

Luckily for this one, we have actually human testing as proof as to why cannabidiol is beneficial.

Namely, a few years back in 2017, testing was done and reported in the JCI Insight. The testing involved nine healthy men that took a recommended dosage of cannabidiol oil. The catch was that some took a placebo thinking they were taking the oil.

The men were then exposed to stressful events that were intended to raise their blood pressure.

Those that took the oil showed very promising results in lowering the blood pressure, while those that took the placebo showed completely opposite results.

Also, the men that took the oil showed clear signs of a more efficient health pumping, compared to those that took the placebo.

All of the testings were done with 100% pure CBD that had no THC. THC is a substance that has mind-altering effects and gives you the “tripping” feeling. So, if you’re interested in 100% THC free CBD oil, make sure to visit dankercbd.com.

4. Seizures

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The effects of cannabidiol are frequently debated when on the subject of seizures.

There isn’t definitive proof that cannabidiol oil can help people that suffer from various conditions that cause frequent seizures. One thing, however, those researches found was that CBD positively interacts with medicine used to treat seizures.

Cannabidiol can boost the effectiveness of these medicines and make them more potent and more effective. It does this by bolstering its concentration in our blood that effectively makes the medicine act faster and stronger.

While there is definitely more testing to be done on this subject, CBD might be used as a supportive medicine in treating seizures.

5. Addiction

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Addiction can destroy a person’s life and everything they have. We all know how dangerous addiction can become, and we all know that the only way to treat it is through rehabilitation.

There are hundreds of types of addiction, with some significantly more dangerous than others. The two most dangerous addictions are illegal narcotics and alcohol addiction.

This is one hot topic within the industry since there have been the most testings done. In five particular separate testings are done in 2015 published in the journal Substance Abuse, addicts were given CBD oil.

The first group of people was addicted to opioids and CBD oil showed promise in treating the addiction. While it showed little effects in withdrawal symptoms on its own, it does prove effective when combined with trace amounts of THC.

CBD oil proved most effective when treating narcotics such as various psychostimulants and Class A narcotics.

Possible Side Effects

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CBD oil is very safe and anyone bar children can consume it. It is highly marketable and highly tested. But side effects can appear and impact each person differently.

Some of the known side effects of using CBD oil or any other product include the following:

· Anxiety

Although there have been extremely small cases reported where people would feel anxious after using CBD oil, we still have to mention it.

· Change in Appetite

After using the oil, you might experience a change in appetite. This isn’t anything dangerous or uncommon when it comes to marijuana, but it is still a possible side effect.

· Mood Changes

A change in your mood is also plausible, with you most likely being in a positive mood after using it.

Other side effects include diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting. All of these are to a lesser degree, and chances are you won’t even experience them.

Before trying CBD oil, you should consult with your doctor or a medical expert. Cannabidiol can increase liver enzymes, and if you have any liver conditions you should talk to your doctor first.