Cannabis is a big-time business now. According to Forbes, the industry will be worth a whopping $31.4 billion by 2024. From treating cancer and Alzheimer’s disease to alleviating anxiety and increasing focus, the plant is nature’s true miracle. If you are looking to take a dip in the cannabis jar, don’t waste any time.

However, the challenge is in picking the right strain from the thousands of marijuana strains out there. How can you get the one that will give you just the right effects you are after? We have outlined six tips to consider before choosing cannabis strains based on effects.

What is a Cannabis Strain?


In order for you to understand your crop better, it is crucial that you know what a cannabis strain refers to. In theory, cannabis is grouped into two major groups; pure and hybrid varieties. Under the pure category, you’ll find Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Hybrid varieties combine pure varieties to create a specific characteristic in the plant. That makes a total of four strain types of marijuana. Each classification is made up of hundreds of different strains. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the right strain.

Sativa versus Indica


Sativa and Indica are the two major types of Cannabis. Before anything else, establish which route you want to take. Here is a succinct explanation of each type to help you make an informed decision.

Cannabis Sativa


If you are looking for mind-altering effects in Marijuana, the best strain to grow is Cannabis Sativa. This plant is known to pump up your energy levels and make you more focused. This is why it has become a go-to product for singers and artists who want to get their creative juices flowing. Sativa has the ability to induce uncontrollable laughter and deep thoughts about life. Some people claim that they enjoy movies, sounds, and music better after using Sativa. Although this strain is primarily used for recreational uses, it can also deliver medicinal effects such as muscle relaxation, pain relief, increased appetite, and reduced nausea.

Cannabis Indica


Cannabis Indica has a higher THC (the psychotic component) percentage compared to Sativa. It can easily mess with your mind at a deeper level no wonder it is called a “body buzz”. Many users get a stoned feeling after taking this strain. It has sedative, euphoric, and relaxing effects. It is, therefore, ideal for those people looking to calm down and ease stress and anxiety surrounding them. If you have trouble catching sleep at night, Cannabis Indica will take care of you. In addition to relaxation uses, this marijuana strain is used medically to treats a plethora of illnesses including nausea, insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, and sleep apnea.

Choose the right THC to CBD Ratio


Although many manufacturers will let you know whether a stain is Indica, Sativa, or hybrid, few will disclose to you the chemotype (or THC to CBD ratio) of the strain. However, you can figure out the chemotype of a cannabis strain by checking its cannabinoid potency label. A THC-dominant strain, for instance, may contain 20% THC and 1% CBD.

Knowing the chemotype of a strain is critical as it determines the psychoactive effect that you are likely to experience from the strain. If you are a novice, you might want to stick to a strain that is low in THC. This way, you won’t go crazy. CBD-dominant strains will not be psychoactive and tend to have relaxing, anti-anxiety effects. On the other hand, if you are stronger and probably looking for a more intoxicating, psychoactive effect, choose a strain with a high THC content. Remember that THC-dominant strains can be more sedating but may also cause increased heart rate and anxiety.

Balanced strains will get you the best of both worlds. They are also intoxicating but their high CBD content may lower the typical effects of THC like sedation, intoxication, and anxiety.

Understand the Terpene Profile of the Strain


The terpene profile of a strain is very critical because it dictates features like smell and taste. Choose the right terpene profile based on how you plan to consume your cannabis. If you are going to smoke your cannabis, for instance, it is important to choose a strain with a smell that you can tolerate. Some strains like limonene tend to have a more citrusy flavor while others like pinene have earthly, piney scent. Go for what works for you best.

Carefully examine it

First-time buyers should always seek to purchase cannabis from retail outlets to reduce the risk of going home with stale products. While you are at it, take a closer look at the displayed product. According to Weed Center, a fresh batch should have bright green color to it and should be covered in trichome crystals. Don’t trade your coins for anything less. Remember that if the strain you plan to buy appears more brown and doesn’t pack any crystals, then there are high chances that you are about to purchase non-fresh cannabis. This means that you may not get all the effects that you are looking for in a strain.

Do your homework

This one sounds like a cliché but it is important nonetheless. To learn more about the right strain to treat your condition, set some time apart and bury your head into available scientific studies online or offline. This will help you nail down the specific strain that comes close to the effects you are looking for.

Choose one that is readily available


Last but not least, choose the strain that can be found locally. From the tips above, you can tell the right strain based on the effects. Now go ahead and find out if the local farmers cultivate it and make you decision accordingly.

With the countless cannabis strains in the market, choosing the right one can be a real headache. Hopefully, this guide has helped put things into perspective, even if it’s just a little. The secret is to feed on numerous sources of information, know your tolerance levels, examine your products, figure out terpene profile, and know their availability.