These days, smoking pot is becoming a trend in the United States and other countries where cannabis has been recently legalized. After a few campaigns, marijuana is no longer associated with a crime, laziness, and lack of education. On the contrary, it was revealed that all segments of the population use cannabis for recreational and medical purposes.

There is no need to gеt surprised – cannabis has more benefits than alcohol and does a better job than painkillers and antidepressants. Here is what you need to know about the positive experience of smoking marijuana after a long tiring day:

Cannabis improves Sex Life


One joint can not only help you to relax and make you laugh when you are at your lowest point, but it can also positively impact your sex life.

The thing is that smoking weed can help to increase sexual desire both in women and men. To make sure you achieve the best orgasm in your life, use cannabis right before the sexual intercourse with your partner. According to Thrive Nevada experts, it will improve your sensitivity and trigger dopamine release (also known as a happy hormone). Cannabis will allow you to slow time down, feel every touch, and every kiss.

Also, you should know that THC and oxytocin (a love hormone) have a connection. Getting high with your partner will boost your affection towards each other. No wonder some people call cannabis a love drug!

These days, online cannabis dating is becoming more and more popular. Cannabis fans download apps where they can find attractive, like-minded people. Every date has the same scenario: two people meet up to share a joint and have a lovely time together. They are sure that weed works better than any other aphrodisiac. So, maybe you’d also like to try getting a little high with your date next time?

Cannabis Beats Depression


Depression can take all your energy and positive thoughts away. Unfortunately, some people need years to recover and get back to their normal life. It has been proven that depression has a lot of lasting effects (insomnia, loss of libido, heart disease, and inflammation ) and can negatively influence the nervous system.

According to one study conducted in 2016, smoking cannabis can help with managing depression. This information still hasn’t been confirmed by the National Institute Of Mental Health.

Cannabis can be effective in the fight with depression once being combined with professional psychological help. The thing is that pot helps to increase serotonin levels in the brain. That’s why it can be a great substitute for antidepressants.

If you decide to smoke cannabis in order to manage your depression and anxiety, make sure to contact your doctor first. Also, it’s important to understand that weed can’t help you to deal with any kind of emotional trauma.

However, isn’t it nice to forget about things that worry you at least for a couple of hours? You can be yourself again. All you need is to find the right treatment.

Cannabis helps to Manage Pain


Another great feeling that you can experience while the smoking pot is a relief!

In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study on chronic pain and found out that there are more than 50 million people who are dealing with chronic pain in the United States.

If you are one of them, consider using marijuana-based remedies to help yourself. You can easily get a prescription for medical marijuana in case you have painful physical trauma.

The best thing about marijuana is that it can also help ladies to reduce period cramps. Some women have rapid mood swings, pain in the back, shoulders, and stomach during their period. Needless to say, the pain doesn’t allow them to function normally, and sometimes painkillers don’t really help.

Smoking weed can have an immediate effect on the woman’s body during her period- it helps to stabilize the mood and get rid of the pain for a long period of time.

If you want to spend an evening without any pain and just enjoy yourself, why not get a little bit stoned with your friends or partner?

Cannabis Boosts Creativity


Once Steve Jobs admitted that marihuana helps him to stay creative and work on Apple products. Well, we can’t check his medical history, but one thing we know for sure – these days, Apple products have a lot of admirers from all over the world.

If you work on a creative project and need extra help, half of the joint can actually be pretty helpful. Needless to say, it is difficult to measure someone’s creativity. So, each time you smoke, a number of fantastic ideas might be different. Of course, you will not be able to scream ‘eureka’ after every cannabis session with your friends.

However, you can still try this out and see how creative you are after smoking weed. Consider writing your ideas on a piece of paper or recording yourself. A lot of people might not remember their genius ideas after some time, so make sure you are prepared.

Cannabis helps to Lose Weight


Are you tired of being on a strict diet all the time? Would you like to feel the freedom of movement again? Cannabis might not be the first-line treatment for obesity. A healthy diet combined with physical activity can bring good results in some time. However, you can also smoke cannabis in order to speed things up. Marijuana fans have a better response to sugar and faster metabolism, according to a study conducted by Michigan State University.

Even though smoking pot may increase your appetite, it will also boost your metabolism and help you burn calories faster.

So, don’t be afraid of possible munchies. There is no need to worry about eating your favorite foods in the evening when you combine it with smoking weed.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis helps people to relax, forget about their problems, physical and emotional pain. If you want to explore the benefits of smoking weed and become a part of a growing community, find the right time and the right place.