With the legalization of weed in many countries, a big growing community developed. Fertilizers can be divided into two types- organic and synthetic- and they are used to supply the soil or plant with essential nutrients. Three elements are required for a nice plant: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). They are often referred to on the packaging of fertilizers as NPK. Nitrogen is required for growth of the leaf and phosphorus is used for bud growth. Also, potassium is used during the flowering stage to grow heavy buds. Without the right fertilizers, there is no hope for your weed to produce fat, smelly buds. Knowledge is the key to produce good weed.

1. Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula

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Fox farm is a well-known company in the growing community. The good thing about this fertilizer that it is versatile does the job well and still, it is cheap. It can be a great newbie option as it is easy to use. It has minimal risk of overfeeding the plants because in comparison with other products on the market it doesn’t contain a high level of Phosphorus, it is designed to allow new growers to have a great experience. The formula can be used in soils, pots, hydroponic and aeroponic. The company also has attention to the vegetative stage. It has to be said that it has ingredients such as synthetic nitrates and phosphates.

2. General Hydroponics Flora Gro, Micro, Bloom Combo Fertilizer Set

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This fertilizer is a “best seller”, the product features a “building block approach” for hydroponic systems. They are encouraging users to adjust the use of the system for a specific level. The idea is not to be restricted with schedule, for example, plants are like animals- they change over time so factors like pH Levels and Ec effect on the nutrients uptake of the plants. This is good as the user can experiment to find his best solution of growth throughout the season. Fact that this product is used also by NASA because it is highly effective and can function even on cold temperatures. Each bottle has its purpose FloraGro is for the first vegetative growth this is important for roots when they are just establishing. FloraBloom is for improving the overall flavor and taste of the crop, and finally, FloraMicro uses NPK and other nutrients such as calcium which is for improving balanced growth and resistance to diseases. Price is still cheap for one Quart.

3. Osmocote Smart-release Plant Food

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This fertilizer is the most inorganic, it doesn’t last long after application so it needs to be reapplied regularly for the best result. Osmocote is a high-nutrient long-term synthetic fertilizer it was popular during the ’90s.

It is one of the easiest fertilizers to use, the user just needs to sprinkle look-alike seeds (also called granule) full of NPK and mix it with max 3 inches of soil and water the plant regularly. The company recommends reapplying every 4 months. The granule is full of nutrients and with the water, it dissolves and afterward nutrients are released.

4. Botanicare Cns17 Bloom

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Botanicare is a company who is quite a while in the market. For the price of one bottle, the user can grow the whole room. It got high marks for each product in their palette and it is highly recommended by the growers. Specifically, CNS17 Bloom uses a perfect blend of 17 minerals, it is keeping soil healthy, with the ratio of the NPK, it was designed to prevent any nutrient overdrive or nutrient burn. A single bottle has a price of less than half of most major competitors and it also has a wide range of elements. It is cost-effective for large scale production. CNS17 with a variety of minerals guarantee to users complete nutrients throughout the entire bloom phase. As it dilutes in water it gives a highly available energy source for the microbes and plant by easy sugars hydrolyze.

5. Maxicrop Pure Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder

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This seaweed fertilizer is a premium product reaped from the Norwegian coastline (Ascophyllum nodosum). The product has 17% soluble potash which is suitable for cannabis and other houseplants. This is food for you weed which can be mixed with other fertilizers, for example, this can be mixed with Azomite. The product is rich with growth stimulants which are good for initial cell growth but also for the fastening process. It can be used in different systems of growth, even with aquaponic systems. by manufacturers word, it contains more than 70 minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, etc. There is a study that shows that the application of maxi crop fertilizers increases plant growth by 53-63% which is a really impressive result. This is the most organic product in the market right now as it has a rich portion of ingredients for users’ plants. If it is used with mixing with the soil, it is acting as a soil conditioner which is helping for better soil constitution in plant productivity. It is recommended to not spray the buds as it can make them sticky.


To conclude these products are the best fertilizers for cannabis. But only if they are used properly and regularly as the manufacturer recommends. If not doing as it recommended there is a high possibility for nutrients overfeeding or burn which will end-users’ plants.

Also, there is a possibility of making homemade fertilizers. For example, human urine contains a high amount of nitrogen which is a key nutrient for weed growth but be aware that it also needs to be diluted in water as the urine also contains a lot of salt. Another example is a fish meal which is typically made from the ground up parts that can result in fine powder which can be added to the soil, it contains nitrogen and phosphorus.

Always be careful not to add too much fertilizer. While you can always add more if your solution was weak, adding too much can irremediably hurt your plan and leave you with empty hands (and blunts!).