The two most important factors every consumer should consider when choosing from all those hundreds of CBD products are now being sold everywhere in the country. One is whether the farm, labs and supplier make sure that the hemp does not absorb any of the harmful chemicals that might be in the soil. The other is how much of the two most important compounds they contain, which is important for several health reasons.

The choices in the CBD market may become even more confusing since the industry is expected to multiply more than five times by 2024. This means that you will need to properly understand what type of vape juice you are buying, whether it is safe or if the supplier is certified and reputable. We have made a short guide to help you differentiate safe CBD vape juices from unsafe and uncertified which may cause health problems or even death.

Find out where it was grown


A lot of CBD products that are sold in retail stores usually come from hemp, not the marijuana plant. And the source of that hemp is very important. Most hemp that is used in making vape juices comes from Oregon, Colorado or Kentucky or it’s probably imported from overseas. Among all these sources, studies have shown that Colorado is the safes. Since the state’s agricultural program performs a lot of spot-test of hemp while they are still in the field to check the level of THC and CBD levels and if there are any unwanted compounds or illegal pesticides that could be a health risk.

Products that are made with hemp that is grown overseas might be even more problematic since they are not subject to any of the country’s laws about testing. The test results from the hemp must be available to the consumers at all times.

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Ask for the test results

You need to always ask to see a product’s certificate of analysis. That document will tell you how a company performed tests on the hemp to check for any trace of contaminants that might be damaging to your body. Not all companies take the step of testing, which is why you need to make sure if a product is safe by yourself.

If a supplier does not have that kind of information, then make sure you avoid the product and the supplier.

Look for products that list the ingredients in detail


Look for vape juice that shows exactly how much CBD you get in each dose. Make sure you take extra care with products that list the number of cannabinoids instead of the exact amount of cannabidiol. The term cannabinoid does not refer to CBD only, but THC and many other related compounds which may have a different influence on your body or mind, and may even be a health risk. This is why you should always look for a reputable supplier that will list all their ingredients properly and provide you with extensive test results.