Vaping has increased a lot in recent years and the use of e-cigarettes has gained much popularity. An electronic cigarette is a device operated by a battery that emits doses of non-nicotine solution that is called vaporized nicotine for inhalation by the user.

The main aim of vaping is to provide a sensation that is similar to smoking tobacco but without the smoke. The electronic cigarettes along with vape pens, vaporizer cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery devices, and e-cigs were introduced to reduce or stop smoking tobacco products. It has become the most popular form of using tobacco especially, among teenagers.

Vaping: What are its Positive Sides?


Vaping or e-cigarettes are great alternatives to smoking tobacco products. You can be one of them who are current smokers wanting to understand and know the benefits of the alternatives before switching over from your current brand. Some of the greatest advantages of vaping and electronic cigarettes are:

Does not have Odor?

You can try out vaping or electronic cigarettes if you hate the smell of traditional cigarettes that clings to your body and properties.

If you are a regular smoker, you know how difficult it is to get rid of the pungent smell of tobacco cigarettes. But if you switch to alternatives, you feel the difference instantly.

It is Inexpensive

Vaping or e-cigarettes are much cheaper compared to traditional cigarettes. This is another reason for which most of the smokers are switching over to the alternatives and making the industry big. You can save a lot of money and still maintain your habit.

Much Safer

The safety factor works for vaping and other alternatives to traditional smoking habits. As you are burning your cigarettes in the traditional method, you have to light the flame in the open which can be hazardous in many ways. But in the case of alternatives, you do not light a flame, thus making it a safer method of smoking.

It is Healthier

Though it cannot be legally stated that vaping is healthier than traditional cigarettes, it can be said it is less harmful in comparison to tobacco products. The risk factors are always high for traditional smoking habits.

Impact on the Society

The traditional cigarettes have a negative impact on society. The negativity of it has increased for many reasons.

But for e-cigarettes and vaping, there are a lot of benefits over tobacco smoking. The smokers can maintain their responsibility towards the society and the family after vaping.

Vaping: Top 10 Markets for eCigarette and Vape Products


In the whole world, there are some countries where vaping and e-cigarettes are high in demand. The market size of the vaping products and smokeless tobacco has been released by the US and the top countries where the most number of people use electronic cigarettes are as follows.

  • The United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Poland

Vaping: The Components and how They Work


If you are new to the eCigarette, you must know how it works and its components. Most of the electronic cigarettes consist of four components. They are:

Mouthpiece or Cartridge

Every electronic cigarette that you have in your vape case consists of a cartridge, commonly known as the mouthpiece. (For a guide on vape cases, check out It is fixed at the end of the tube.

A small cup made of plastic is there within the mouthpiece that holds on to the absorbent material inside a liquid solution. The cartridge can be replaced or refilled when needed.


The atomizer is the heating element that is used to heat the liquid. It ultimately results in the vapor. The solution can be inhaled or even breathed in.

Rechargeable Battery

The e-cigarette or the vaping device also has a rechargeable battery attached to it that gives power to the heating element. A lithium-ion battery is used for vaping machines.


There is also a sensor attached to the device which activates when the user inhales the vapor from the device. It is an LED sensor that shows when activated.

Vaping: Reasons for its Popularity Among Young Generation


There are a lot of reasons for which vaping and e-cigarettes are becoming popular day by day among the young generation, teenagers, non-smokers, and ex-smokers. Mentioned below are some of the reasons for teenagers switching over to e-cigarettes.

Less Harmful

The most important reason for teenagers switching over to vaping from tobacco smoking is that they think that it is a less harmful and healthier method of smoking compared to traditional methods.

Previous Knowledge

Most of the people have made a switch over to vaping from traditional cigarettes because a friend or a family member has used this smoking method earlier especially for teenagers.

The Taste

The teens are generally attracted to the taste and flavor of the e-cigarette and so they are hooked on vaping. They even recommend it to others of their age for trying out this.

No License

Another reason for vaping becoming popular among teenagers and young is that they do not require to show any kind of age proof for getting vape products which are not possible in case of traditional cigarettes.

Lower Risk Factor

Another important reason for vaping and its products becoming more and more popular is that they know that the risk factors attached to this method are lesser compared to traditional nicotine intake. They are less prone to having cancers and throat infections than tobacco smoking.


Addiction is the biggest reason for which teenagers are trying to switch over from traditional nicotine inhalation to vape devices. They tend to get more addicted to cigarettes than in vaping.

They have more controlling power when they inhale the vapor from the vaping machine than smoking tobacco directly.

There are many reasons why the vaping industry is growing and why this method of smoking is becoming more and more popular. Though nobody can state that it is less harmful and healthier, people have to be aware of its usage and they have to be responsible as well.