Kratom has enjoyed a huge spark in popularity of the past decade as more and more people become aware of its amazing benefits. With the plant’s growing demand, we are seeing people using it for a wide range of issues, including reducing anxiety, boosting the immune system, relieving chronic pain, enhancing physical attraction, and managing diabetes among other many benefits.

While users only enjoy the many benefits of Kratom after prolonged use, tolerance can sometimes diminish the effects of this natural herb and make it less effective.

The good news is that there is already a proven way that any Kratom user can leverage to keep his or her tolerance level low and enjoy the maximum benefits of plant: strain rotation.

How does it work? Well, here are the most essential facts you need to know about Kratom strain rotation.

1. It is the best way to avoid a plateau in the effects you get from Kratom


When you use any substance repeatedly, including Kratom, you will become tolerant to the amount or dosage level that you take. Being tolerant simply means that you may no longer get the same effects that you are used to.

This is also true when it comes to consuming Kratom. Using the same strain of Kratom regularly will weaken its effects. On the other hand, rotating the strains help you keep your tolerance levels low, ultimately helping you avoid a potential plateau in the effects that you get from the plant.

2. There’s no definite number of strains you should rotate

The number of strains to rotate depends on your needs. If you are a beginner, then three strains will suffice. However, to really keep your tolerance levels down, you need to rotate more strains—up to 7 strains.

Each strain tends to act differently, particularly with respect to how fast they work. Some act fast, slow, and moderate. It is advisable to get a different speed of action every day.

If you consume a moderate strain on Monday, you can try a fast action strain on Tuesday and a low action strain on Wednesday, and alternate as you deem fit going forward.

3. Speed of action of a strain depends on an individual


As hinted above, Kratom strains are commonly categorized as fast, moderate, and slow acting. Fast-acting strains are believed to provide more power while slow-acting options are assumed to be more relaxing.

And moderate strains are somehow in the middle. When you are starting Kratom strain, you should understand that this categorization isn’t cast on stone.

It all boils down to an individual. What you consider to be a fast-acting strain could be your friend’s moderate. So, go with what works for you.

4. Create a schedule

To get the most out of Kratom rotation, you need to have a schedule. Ensure that you have your energetic or fast-acting strains when you have an active day and slow euphoric strains on days when you are going to lazy around. Don’t forget to customize your schedule to include your favorite strains as well.

5. Kratom strain rotation saves you from the hassles of buying potentiators


Potentiators are substances that are often added to make Kratom dosages more potent. While potentiator saves you from the need to consume a double dose of your Kratom to reap the same benefits, it is not friendly to your wallet. Strain rotation helps you deal with Kratom tolerance and eliminate the need to include a potentiator.

6. Document your strain rotation journey

Keeping a journal of your strain rotation journey will help you figure out the strain that gives you better results, the dosage size that gets you the effects you need, and the duration of the effects that you get with each strain.

This way, if you feel different in the future, you can quickly refer to your journal to figure out the problem.

7. It is important to know how to tell strains apart before you begin strain rotation


One of the best ways to tell Kratom strains apart is to check their countries of origin. For instance, most strains from Thailand (like Maeng Da) tend to act fast while those from Bali tend to be slow.

You can also use color: red strains are slow, green are moderate while white options act fast. Alternative buy from vendors who indicate the speed of action of their Kratom on their site. is a good example.

Hopefully, now you understand a thing or two about Kratom strain rotation. Remember to be flexible with your rotation schedules and purchase high-quality strains from reputable vendors.