If you are one of those people who have finally decided that it is time to quit the traditional way of smoking to avoid filling your lungs with all kinds of toxic elements, then you should definitely consider switching to vaping.

Luckily for you, and for everyone else who loves smoking is the fact that the vape industry has grown so much and it is still growing every single day. Today, you have various choices when it comes to vaping to fulfill all of your smoking needs.

But, you are not very familiar with this trend, so you are probably wondering what it really means, how it works and what kind of options are out there. You might also be thinking about whether they are toxic or not, whether they are safer than regular cigarettes and so on.

Fortunately for you, we have decided to write this extensive guide to answer all of your questions you have about vapes and to help you decide whether it is time to switch and to what kind of device you should use.

Before we get into all the different types of vaping, all those different devices that you can use to experience vaping, you should first know about how it works.

What is vaping?

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The biggest reason why a lot of people are willing to switch from regular cigarettes is that they want to avoid inhaling all those dangerous and toxic fumes that come from burning the paper. With the use of a vaporizer, the vape turns all of the liquid inside of it into smoke that you can easily inhale. Keep in mind, depending on the liquid you decide to use, there can either be nicotine or non-nicotine vape.

This way of electronic smoking was first commercially introduced about 20 years ago and was meant to completely replace traditional cigarettes to help both the world and the people who are prone to smoking-related diseases.

Are they safer than smoking?

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To put it simply, yes, vaping is a safer option than regular smoking. However, there are still downsides you will have to consider if you switch to a vape. It is believed that you can find more than 6,000 different chemicals that are toxic in one batch of tobacco, while one bottle of liquid for a vape contains at least a thousand times fewer toxins.

They work by heating the liquid which contains nicotine (an extract from tobacco) which is combined with several different ingredients to create a certain taste and smell. The smoke that is inhaled and then released is water vapor which means there isn’t any kind of carbon monoxide that will damage your lungs as burning real tobacco would. You will not have any kind of tar build up in your lungs, keeping them safe and healthy.

The best thing about a vape is that you can easily choose the things you consume, the taste you want to feel and the smell. In other words, if you do not want to fuel your nicotine addiction, you can get a liquid that does not have any nicotine inside of it at all.

Can it be dangerous?

Keep in mind, there are some dangerous vaping options that you will need to avoid. Some people use these devices to consume illegal substances or substances that should not be used with a vape device. If you care about your health and the health around you, make sure that you avoid using THC oil, hash oil or synthetic marijuana in your device.

It is also important to note that vaping has become very popular with teenagers and kids, so it is important that you ensure that your children avoid these kinds of substances. Check out fherehab.com to find out about all the dangers related to vaping.

You can control the temperature

This is another great feature of vaping. If you have only heard about regular tobacco smoking, you probably have no idea what controlling the temperature even means. So, why is this control so important?

There are two different reasons how temperature can affect your vaping experience. With regular cigarettes, you are burning dried tobacco which means you cannot really control what you inhale, while with a vape you can control the temperature at which the nicotine burns. By lowering or increasing the heat, you can alter the taste of the nicotine, enhancing the flavor.

Modifying the temperature of your device can also influence the effect it has on you. The higher the temperature on the device, the stronger the “hit” nicotine will have on you. So, if you are the type of person who smokes much stronger tobacco, you should adjust your device to heat up at a very high temperature. Although, if you enjoy lighter smokes, then you should definitely lower the temperature the device works at.

The different vaping options

Another great thing about using a vape is that you have the option to choose your device while with a regular cigarette you either can choose a regular one or a slim one and that is it.


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If you are a beginner in the vape world, we recommend that you get an e-cigarette because it is much simpler to use than more advanced devices. They are very similar in look and design to smokes, which makes them much more discreet. You either have the option to get disposable ones that come into a pack, like a regular pack of smokes or the ones that have a replaceable and rechargeable battery. These can be very cheap, are small enough to carry them wherever you want and are easy to use.

Pod Vape

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If you consider yourself to be a heavier smoker, then you should probably delve a bit deeper into this world. A pod vape is one of the newer variants of vaping which is why they are so small and last so long. You will not have to worry about charging these every few hours as they can last for days.

They usually consist of two pieces. One holds the battery which is rechargeable and replaceable while the other piece holds the liquid and the vaporizer. The tank that holds the liquid is reusable (refillable) which means they last quite a bit.

They are affordable, pretty easy to use and can output a lot more power than regular e-cigs. This means that you will be able to satisfy your smoking needs.

Vape Pens

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Very similar to a Pod, but with a much longer-lasting battery. Although, with the better battery, the size of the device increases too, so if you do not mind having a bulkier pocket, you should definitely get a vape pen. These “pens” are refillable, the vaporizer is quite stronger and even replaceable which means can perform a lot better than other variants.