If you are a cannabis smoker, you probably know how to roll a joint. The usual way of rolling up a joint requires grinding the bud in a grinder, creating a filter, filling the paper with pot, shaping the joint, and finally rolling, sealing, and packing it. However, there are some very bizarre ways people have tried which will amaze you. Hence, we chose to show you the most insane ways there are to roll up your stash.

The XXL Joint

source: medium.com

If you want to really go big and gasp for breath after each puff, this way to roll up a joint is for you!

The Triple Braided Joint

source: magazine.grasscity.com

This decorative joint is very fun to smoke as you will inhale thrice the amount of smoke. It requires rolling up three individual joints, binding them together, making a braid, and twisting the ends together. Learn this way of rolling your stash and you’ll impress almost everyone!

The Pinner Joint

source: expertjoints.com

This thin joint is a perfect option to make when you are in a hurry. It looks like a cigarette and it’s smaller than a regular size joint. Sometimes less is more!

The Shotgun Joint

source: deskgram.net

This way of rolling up cannabis will provide the same feel as inhaling smoke from a shotgun weed. It really looks like a shotgun!

Dutch Tulip

source: weedfarmer.com

This joint is an Amsterdam specialty and misleadingly smooth to smoke and easy to roll. It produces a really heavy hit and looks like a tulip when burned.

Plumbers Joint

This is a kind of joint which burns much slower than a regular joint. It also maximizes the airflow and you get bigger hits.

The Scorpion Joint

source: herb.co

This way of rolling up your stash looks amazing and it’s a kind of masterpiece. Note that you have to be an expert in origami if you want to make it.

The Cross

source: youtube.com

This kind of joint was first introduced made by Seth Rogen and James Franco in ‘Pineapple Express’. It is a crucifix-shaped joint is challenging to make and it requires a needle or a pin.

The Windmill

If you want to blaze in a major fashion, you need the windmill joint. It is a smoke-cooling chamber and multiple joint holders which looks just like a windmill.