The traditional way of smoking weed is by rolling a joint that is lit and smoked. There are a number of cool and creative ways to smoke weed if you no longer have rolling paper or just want to explore other ways of enjoying your regular dose of cannabis.



Bongs are an easy and popular way to smoke weed. Bongs are a quick way of getting high. The bowl is packed with crushed weed and concentrate wax. At the very beginning, start off slowly to avoid burning your weed all at one and wasting it all. Hit the bong as regularly as possible to avoid loss of smoke into the air since it doesn’t stop burning once you light it. Generally, bongs are a wasteful way of smoking marijuana with the burning process being very fast and lots of smoke dispersing into the air.

Add Concentrates to the Regular Joint


Spice up the way to enjoy smoking your weed by adding concentrates when rolling the regular joint. It adds to one of the crazy ways to smoke weed. The concentrates can be made into a string around which weed is added and rolled in the usual way. Alternatively, finish up rolling the regular joint and add the concentrates all around the outside of the joint.

The downside with this method is that your joint may burn in a weird way and that there will be dripping as the concentrate wax burns which may end up messing your clothes or other surfaces as well as burning your fingers.

Use of Pipes


A wide range of pipes exists that can be used to smoke weed.  The different types of pipes can be wooden, metallic, glass or clay depending on personal preference. Smoking weed using a pipe is quite similar to the process of smoking weed with a bong.

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You must not roll a joint using paper every time you need to smoke weed. Have you thought about using hookah to smoke weed? The origin of Hookah pipes can be traced to India. The hookah has other names such as nargileh, huqqa or shisha depending on where it is used.  Traditionally, hookah has over the hundreds of years been used to smoke tobacco across many cultures.

Hookahs are rapidly gaining popularity because marijuana users get high easily and quickly. Learn how to prepare a hookah and from there enjoy weed any time you like. Some of the requirements are the hookah apparatus, pieces of coal, aluminum foil, water, and a pair of tongs.

Hookahs are the best method of smoking cannabis concentrate, hashish, which burns slower compared to weed. Hookahs expose people through inhalation to very high amounts of nicotine, tar, and other compounds compared to smoking a cigarette; a fact that health professionals are quick to highlight as deleterious to your health.



A bubbler is best described as a mix between a bong and a pipe offering the best characteristics of these two variants. The bubbler is similar to a pipe but will give you a high similar to that of a bong. Normally made of glass, the bubbler has a chamber that is filled with water and a bowl that is packed with weed. The bubbler is a favorite for people who want a portable version of a bong without losing its benefits when smoking weed.

Vape Pens


Another name for the vape pens are vaporizers or just vape and are a healthy way to get high on weed.  According to the Paintthemoon guide, an advantage of vape pens is that you don’t notice the distinct smell of weed. Vaporizers do not emit smoke and in its place pure weed vapor limiting the inhalation of tar and other toxic substances.

Vaporizers are the best and most interesting ways to smoke weed since they do not destroy cannabinoids with high temperatures. The heat produced by a vaporizer is low but sufficient to convert cannabinoids directly into a gas without turning into smoke. Additionally, vaporizers are discreet and can be hidden away in your pockets or bag.

The only downside with the vape pens is that they are expensive and may be out of reach for the regular weed smoker. However, vapes make a good investment over the long term.

Use an Apple


It may not be the ideal method of smoking weed but it will do the trick where you have no other option. Start by poking a few holes into the apple where you will stick your blunts. The apple acts as a pipe and will even add some flavor to your marijuana. Also, you can eat the apple once you have finished smoking weed and the munchies have set in.

Dab Rigs


Dab rigs are unique and one of the cool ways to smoke weed concentrates. A technique referred to as flash vaporization is used to burn the weed. Best applied in the use of potent cannabis concentrates that include honeycomb and shatter. A standout feature of the dab rigs is the quick high and is actually a healthy option.

Gas Masks


Gas masks are for the hard-knock users of marijuana since it is one of the most efficient and notorious ways to get achieve a high. You will get so high that you will choke on the smoke and be left gasping for air. No marijuana smoke escapes from the airtight gas mask forcing the user to breathe it all in and derive its benefits whether THC or CBD. Gas masks are a rough ride but ultimately provide fun ways to smoke weed.

Hot Knives

Another name for the hot knives is knife hits. Knife hits are a popular way to smoke weed and have been recommended in the absence of any of the above-listed methods. You need a heat source preferably a stove to heat the knives. Weed concentrates are placed on one knife and the second one used to squeeze them together. Inhale the smoke produced to get high. Some ingenious people will have a bottomed out plastic bottle to trap the smoke released from between the two hot knives.