If you do like to smoke marijuana once in a while, but you’re not quite sure how to roll a joint, here are two ways that you can do that.

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First way

To start with, you will, of course, need the mix itself. Naturally, marijuana is the most important ingredient as, without it, there’s no joint to roll, right? Now, before you start rolling, you need to make sure that the consistency of marijuana is even. If there are any lumps or woody bits left there, make sure you remove them. Another thing to keep in mind if you want to roll a pure-weed joint is that your marijuana needs to be absolutely dry.

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The next thing to do is to distribute marijuana over the papers, which, in turn, determines the way your joint is shaped. That’s why we suggest you use long papers. You might want to get a cone-shaped joint, which might be a bit trickier to make than a straight one, but it’s worth the trouble as that way, it will burn much more smoothly than a straight one would.

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Now we come to the filter. To make a filter for your joint, cut a 2.2 x 0.7 Inch (5.5 x 1.7 cm) piece of thin cardboard. Roll the filter tightly and insert it to the left of your mix.

After you place the filter, it’s time for rolling. Start rolling gently, first in the middle. Your thumbs should do most of the work and give support with your forefingers. Seal the joint and it’s ready for smoking.

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Second way

Another way to roll a joint is with normal cigarette papers. All you need to do is glue two of these papers together. Then use a piece of cardboard to prepare a roach filter. Put the mix, placing most of it to the front if you want to get a cone-shaped joint. Use both hands to roll it, and then seal it. Bump it gently onto the roach to compress it, and then close the top. Then you can smoke it. Enjoy!