Legalizing weed for medicinal and recreational use in most countries has brought about a wide range of marijuana consumption practices. The most intriguing part is the opportunity for people to plant marijuana in their homes. Growing marijuana can become very exciting but is also disappointing without suitable approaches.

Do you want to begin marijuana cultivation? It’s essential to consider a few things before you start. Below is everything you need to consider as you embark on cannabis cultivation. From understanding different varieties of marijuana seeds to understanding the regulations, we’ve got everything covered.

Understanding the Marijuana Plant

It is essential to understand the basics of marijuana before you start cultivating. You don’t need to have experts by your side. The most important things to understand are the different seed varieties available, nutrient requirements, and the plant’s life cycle.

Before you buy weed seeds, understand the following basics:

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  • Marijuana is a group of flowering plants which are hermaphroditic, which means that they can either be male. The male plant pollinates the female (buds) to produce marijuana seeds. However, most growers prefer keeping the female plant unpollinated to produce quality buds.
  • You can grow marijuana products indoors and outdoors.
  • There are two main categories, each varying in morphology and effects. They include; Ruderalis, Indica, and Sativa. Sativa and Indica are photoperiods, meaning that flowering depends on the amount of light they receive. On the contrary, Ruderalis plants flower regardless of changes in lighting.
  • The lifecycle of a marijuana plant has 3 phases; seedling, vegetative and flowering phase.
  • Marijuana grows annually, with the first phase beginning in spring. The length lifecycle varies greatly but can be from 4-10 months.

Understand the laws

Before you buy weed seeds, equipment, or anything else, make sure you understand the legality of cultivating marijuana in your area. Many jurisdictions allow growing cannabis at home, but the laws and regulations differ from place to place. For example, some areas have limits to the number of plants you can grow. There are other areas where marijuana consumption is legal, but home cultivation is illegal.

Make sure you conduct thoroughly to avoid getting caught on the wrong side of the law. The legalization of marijuana in your area doesn’t mean that there are no rules.

Choosing the best seeds and clones

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You can either start growing marijuana from marijuana seeds or clones. With each technique having its advantages and disadvantages, the final decision lies on the grower. Check out for seeds. Planting cannabis seeds gives you the satisfaction of cultivating the seed from the ground up. It might take a bit longer for the seed to germinate, and there is a probability you might end up with a male or other problematic trait. However, if done the right way, you can produce quality yields and probably get clone cuttings from the plant.

Planting clones is a relatively quicker alternative and can reduce the growth phase from 7-8 weeks to approximately 10-21 days. Since clones are a replica of their mother plants, they can produce similar yields as the mother plants. That means you can continue to get consistency in terms of purity and quantity season after season. That means that if you have taken the clone from a weak plant, you’ll experience problems as the development process advances.

It is important to do intensive research before picking any of the two techniques. Either option you choose can bring great results if done appropriately. Order marijuana seeds from AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds for cultivating indoors and outdoors from us today.

Understanding the costs

Cannabis cultivation can be expensive. The costs depend on how professional you want to grow your marijuana. The equipment you need to cultivate weed indoors will depend on your plants’ size and the skills you have as a grower. Growing a typical indoor marijuana plant may require the following equipment:

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  • Fan
  • Grow light
  • Tent
  • Air filter
  • Timer
  • pots
  • PH meter
  • Small ventilator

You’ll need to part with a significant amount of money to get the equipment. However, most of the equipment types are reusable, thus enabling you to make your money back after a while.

The cost of growing marijuana may vary with the size of your grow area. You can achieve a great result with a $100 budget or decide to go professional with a $1000 setup.

Pick the right strain

There are many varieties of weed strains available in the current market. Before you buy cannabis seeds, make sure you research the strains out there and pick one that will suit your skills and grow area. Weed strains differ in morphology and the effects of their buds.

Your selection of strain is dependent on many variables, including what fellow growers are circulating, period of the year, and demand.


There you have! Now that you have everything you need, order your marijuana seeds now and get into business! Planning and research are integral in improving your cannabis cultivation. Don’t forget to listen to the experts.