As the use of cannabis evolved, our ancestors, who were fellow stoners, began developing other alternative modes of consuming this medicinal plant.

Today, just as there are different methods of using cannabis, there are also different products made from marijuana plants, such as dry herbs and dabs  (like wax,shatter, honeycomb, budder, etc).

For many cannabis vape consumers, especially beginners, one major dilemma is choosing whether to smoke dry herb flowers or dabs.

What are Dabs?

Dabs are cannabis extracts that have highly concentrated THC levels. These products are also called honeycomb, budder, shatter, wax or amber. It is produced using butane oil to extract THC oils from the cannabis plants. For more info  visit

While regular cannabis flowers and buds may have 15-30% THC, dabs THC concentration level is around 80%. Research shows that the minimum percentage of THC a dab has is four times more than the high a strong joint delivers.

If you’ve smoked a nice joint, imagine what a dab would feel like. But dabs do more than just give you more THC; they also allow you to experience a more intense high at one rather than the gradual feeling of highness you get from a weed.

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Benefits of Dabbing

One of the many reasons why cannabis is quite accessible and exciting to use is that it comes in many forms. While you could be a fan of smoking cannabis flowers, some other users prefer a more concentrated buzz that you get from dabs.

Dabbing is also preferred because it is safer and cleaner. Smoking cannabis exposes your lungs to toxins, but dabbing is a clean alternative that reduces the side effects of smoking weed.

Dabbing gives a better “high.” Dabs can hold up to 80% THC, and it gives an intense feeling of highness instantly, unlike smoking cannabis which barely has up to 40% THC, and you get to experience the “high” gradually. So if you take THC recreationally or you consume it for pain or anxiety, smoking dabs is your best choice for fast and effective release.

Dabs Vs. Dry Herb Flowers

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Dabs are generally taken in the form of concentrates. These extracts can come in a wide range of options, including oil, crumble, shatter and wax. The names are given to the different types of concentrates based on their consistency and their manufacturing process.

At the end of the day, all dabs start as a cannabis plant. They only become concentrated after the cannabis flower undergoes one of the many forms of extraction to produce a denser, purer THC product.


Dabs concentrated THC products. As a result, they are often more potent, and what else could you expect from a product made with 70% – 90% psychoactive purity when compared to herbs. It’s easy to see why many people use dabs.

Purity isn’t the only reason why dabs give a better hit. Consuming dabs requires a set of special tools to heat the concentrates to a high and steady temperature to vaporize the material, effectively sending almost all of your THC material down your lungs. In contrast, smoking with bongs, blunt, etc., may cause you to lose over half the psychoactive ingredients in your flower.


As mentioned earlier, concentrates contain about 80% THC per weight, and standard flowers contain an average of 20% THC per weight. The average price per gram for cannabis flower is $15, while most concentrates cost less than $60 per gram. So when you buy a concentrate, you’re actually getting a safer marijuana product and better “high” at a cheaper rate.

Overall, dabs will save you money over time, not just through the initial purchase but also because vaporization allows you to preserve more of the product.

How are Dabs Created?

Dabs are made by pouring butane over the cannabis plant allowing the THC to leave the plant and dissolve in the butane. What you get is a gummy and almost solid product that’s fully loaded with THC.

How are Dabs Consumed?

Dabs are generally consumed by heating a hollow tip (usually a nail) and running it over the concentrate. This heats the concentrates and turns them into vapor which is inhaled.


There are lots of dab flavors on the market. It is crucial that you look for an aroma that suits you when selecting which concentrate you should buy. You don’t just want to get high; you should get high comfortably and with a smile.

What are Dry Herb Flowers?

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Dry herb flowers can help you have a good time recreationally or can be used by patients with social anxiety disorders, pain, etc.


Several parts of the cannabis plant can be packaged and sold. The most common form of commercial cannabis is its buds or flowers, which are harvested, processed, and sold. While you should expect a moderate buzz from smoking dry herb flowers, you can always go higher by smoking more.


Herb leaves have their THC properties at natural levels. This makes it extremely difficult to find strains that have a high concentration of THC.


Regular cannabis flowers cost about $15 per gram. Prices, however, vary based on the distributor and cannabis strain.

How it is Created

Flowers and buds are cannabis plants that have been cultivated, harvested, dried and cured before getting distributed.

Consumption Method

Cannabis flowers can be consumed in so many ways. There are, however, two primary ways they can be used, which are:

  • Smoking
  • Edibles

There are several ways to eat or smoke weed.


Cannabis flowers come dried and organic. There are, however, many flavors that can be added to your weed or even the rolling paper you use.