The marijuana growing industry is quickly gaining traction as more states around the country are passing legislation to legalize its growing and use. People no longer have to visit their local pharmacy for a prescription; instead, they are growing the herb right in their backyards.

The method of choice for cultivating marijuana today is indoor growing. Not only does it save on space but it also keeps your plants closer to you for easy monitoring of their growth. If you’ve ever thought of growing cannabis indoors, several crucial tools will be required for the successful growth of the plant.

So, what equipment should you prioritize on your checklist for growing marijuana indoors?

Grow Tent


A grow tent provides your marijuana plants with the ideal environment for them to thrive. It is a special tent, inside which the plants are enclosed while growing and comes with various features that help to keep the conditions within constant for optimal plant use.

A good grow tent also aids in keeping your marijuana plants safe from pests, as well as control the smell inside the tent and the air they are breathing. Typically, grow rooms have a reflective wall that keeps the light inside from leaking outside for maximum usage by the plants.

Grow tents come in different sizes, and this is normally based on the marijuana plants you plan to grow. They can be set up inside your home and the benefit is that they have a small footprint. There are many online sites where you can buy a grow tent or get one from your local marijuana growing store.

Alternatively, you can always build your own back at home if you are a DIY person.

Growing Medium


If you’re going to grow your cannabis plants inside, then you’ll require a medium to grow them in. After all, they aren’t going to be floating around. Typically, two types of media are commonly used; soil and hydroponic.

If you opt to use soil as a medium, you simply need to transfer some soil from your garden to your grow tent. The soil serves to supply your plants with the crucial nutrients they need for growth.

On the other hand, a hydroponic medium is a solution of nutrients that is placed inside the grow room. The plant roots are dipped inside the hydroponic solution and suck in the nutrients for use during growth.

Generally, a hydroponic medium is chosen over soil when you want expedited growth for your plants.

Timers/ Environmental Control Gadgets


These are simple gadgets that help you to manage the conditions inside your growing facility. They tell you whether they are too high or too low and assist you to make the necessary adjustments. Control gadgets measure parameters like humidity and temperature to help you maintain an optimal level to maximize your marijuana growth and yield.

Usually, growers will use devices such as a thermometer and a hygro-thermometer to measure the indoor conditions. Meanwhile, a timer will come in handy when you want to automatically simulate the day and night cycles for your plants, and save you the trouble of doing it manually.

LED Grow Light


A grow light simulates the proper lighting conditions for your plant, the same way plants grown outside benefit from light coming from the sun. They provide a full spectrum of light that your marijuana plants need not for crucial processes like photosynthesis.

One of the best light sources for indoor planting is LED grow lights. These lights serve to minimize the rate at which your plants grow to maximize the yield you get. Furthermore, LED lights are energy-efficient and easy to work with.

They deliver the best possible results and will go a long time without malfunctioning. Alternatively, you can use fluorescent grow lights, but these are not as effective as LED lights. Higher Intensity Discharge Lights are another option, but they need extra support tools like ballast to run.

Click here for a great example of an indoor LED grow light.

Rotating Fan


A rotating fan helps to keep the air inside your grow room circulating, which is required for the good health of your plants. They are crucial indoor growing devices that prevent mold from growing around your plants.

Additionally, the stems and branches of your cannabis plants are strengthened with the continuous supply of fresh air. If you go shopping for a fan, find one that is light enough to be mounted of the grow tent’s framework. This way, it won’t be an obstruction as you try to maneuver your way inside the grow room.


Although many people are familiar with this plant and use it for medical and recreational purposes not many know much about what it takes to grow this plant. The equipment we listed above is essential but you will need some more minor items that will aid the process.

Either way, if you are just getting started, make sure to understand the ins and outs of growing marijuana and ensure the conditions in which you will enable it to reach its full potential.